Meet the Scared Dog That Only Wanted a Hug

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This dog, named Edie, was scheduled to be put down, but thanks to the compassion of one man, that didn’t happen. This is a very moving video that shows that some animals just need a little love. Beautiful.

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Heidi’s Law An Animal Abuse Registry

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A seven month old puppy named Heidi was playing on her farm in Frederick County, Md. when someone shot her four times—once in the head.
Now, a bill to establish a state registry of people convicted of animal abuse or neglect carries her name—Heidi’s law.

SEE photos of Heidi.

Lynette Kauffman still struggles to talk about her puppy without crying, but she does believe something good could come from her death if Heidi’s law is passed.

“I really look at this bill as a legacy of hope where Heidi will live on and help prevent this from happening to someone else’s animal,” Kauffman said.

State Senator Ron Young of Frederick drafted Heidi’s law so the public could keep track of anyone convicted of abusing or neglecting an animal in Maryland. Their picture and address would be posted on the registry for 10 years.

“I’m not trying to brand someone for life, just to put the warning flag up and keep pets away from them,” he said.

“Humane societies and pet stores and such could check the registry and not allow an abuser to have another pet,” Young said.

If passed, Heidi’s Law would become the first state in the country to have an animal abuse registry.

Watch video here: – SHORT URL:

Born Free Blog » Blog Archive » No More Winter Sunshine?

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Born Free Blog » Blog Archive » No More Winter Sunshine?.

No More Winter Sunshine?

The withdrawal of Yang Guang (Sunshine) from public view with a bout of colic, just weeks after his long flight from China with Tian Tian (Sweetie) as part of a controversial ‘rent a panda’ programme, is a cause for concern we all share but must be of particular worry for the powers that be at Edinburgh Zoo.

Should anything more serious happen to the animals at the centre of this ill-advised scheme then the future of the zoo could be in doubt.

With 10 years costs of more than £7 million pounds (what could that do for wildlife conservation and habitat protection around the world) and no guarantee that visitor numbers will receive a desperately-needed boost (they were down by 15% in the last reported year), the zoo may yet rue the day.

Few zoos that have rented pandas in this way report a happy experience, either from a visitor number or financial point of view.

Our immediate concerns must be for Yang Guang’s welfare. Is his painful discomfort a result of the change in climate, the new food supply, heightened levels of stress? More fundamentally, why was this project ever undertaken in the first place?

Neglected horse’s hooves were half a metre long, says vet

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A horse owner in Sweden has been reported to the police after a vet found a horse with overgrown hooves measuring half a metre in a stable on his farm.

The 27-year-old gelding could no longer walk or lie down, head vet for Vasternoorrland County, Helena Ahlqvist, told a local newspaper.

His hooves had not received attention for many years, she added.

A government vet visited the farm, near Solleftea in northern Sweden, in late November and found “Charlie” in a very depressed state.

He was put down, along with four other horses that were also suffering from neglect.

Ms Ahlqvist said the horse owner had been reported to the police and may face charges of animal cruelty


Animals Petition: President Of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev;: Stop Killing Stray Animals due preparation for Eurovision2012 in Baku! |

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Animals Petition: President Of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev;: Stop Killing Stray Animals due preparation for Eurovision2012 in Baku! |

Duct Taped Pitbull, Dimples ~ Rescued by Animals Against The Odds

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Animal abuse: Duct Taped Pitbull, Dimples

Authorities discovered feces and blood on the shorts worn by the female
dog, which was chained 24/7 outside a Green Street residence, according to a
borough police report.
The owner said the dog has “lived that way for 10 years and was fine”

“Animals Against The Odds” rescued the dog and he is is recovering now.

Original link and further information:

Owner operator supports Tony staying at the truck stop

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‘Leave Tony alone’ — An owner-operator on the truck stop tiger

January 25, 2012 by: Todd Dills

Animal rights advocates are a vocal bunch, as I’ve found out over the course of the last several years. Write word one about Tony, the tiger at the Tiger Truck Stop in Gross Tete, La., and you can pretty much place your bets on a blizzard of commentary coming your way. Until recently, much of that commentary, including some of it from actual driver readers of the blog here, has taken the side of the advocates who prefer Tony’s removal from the stop, often suggesting a big-cat sanctuary in Florida as the preferred final home.

After a recent court ruling that held the Tiger Truck Stop’s permit for displaying the big cat was invalid, however, another group stood up and spoke out, defending the truck stop owner. Among them was owner-operator Gordon Alkire (pictured), whom you may recall for his part inOverdrive‘s 50th-anniversary coverage on the OverdriveRetro.comwebsite last year. Alkire offered up the following commentary, reposted here with his permission:

So you think that Tony the tiger is in bad health, in an unsafe environment and should be removed. This is no different than removing a child from its home because of a busybody neighbor that reads something from nothing and never even had a child. It is life-altering for the child. The same can be said of the tiger. But it can’t speak and tell you it is unhappy or stubbed its toe, so it is taken care of the best way it can be. This tiger gets regular vet visits, real food — not the ground stuff your pets eat — and enjoys the attention. It is not alone. Tony has fresh air, a space of his own, not like in a zoo or a carnival.

I have seen dogs in trucks that are mistreated or not properly cared for, their diets no better than Mickey D’s two times a day. This truck stop is not hiding this tiger, as many other people have done with their pets, mistreating them.

This tiger is an icon. It is healthy. If this is so bad a situation for the tiger, why has it taken more than 10 years for these critics to get involved?

The answer is simple. The situation is neither bad nor dangerous for Tony. This uproar strikes me as driven by the attraction of getting on some bandwagon for certain individuals, to be a part of something, no matter the pain or suffering or cost it causes for someone else. They are searching for their 15 minutes of fame at the expense of someone else. Namely, the owner of the truck stop. It is called mob mentality in some circles. The writers of some anti-Tony the tiger stories are only seeking attention, and feel the need to do anything to get it at other people’s expense.

Unfortunately, Tony happens to be the target now.

I have a suggestion for the anti-Tiger enthusiasts. Pay attention to your surroundings and go after the drivers and dog owners that mistreat their animals. How about the drivers that have 100-pound-plus dogs in a six-by-eight-foot cab and only take them out for short walks to do their business and rush them back into the cab again. That is mistreatment of animals, as a dog this size needs room to grow and stay active. Or what about the drivers who think using a stick to beat a dog to make it mind is OK? I’ve seen it happen.

Tony has been in this truck stop for more than 10 years, and only in the last two or three has this action to remove him surfaced.

Among all these non-experts, including some truckers, the biggest are those who begin to think they are experts in tiger care and truck stop management and demand Tony’s removal while knowing absolutely nothing about the situation, all the while refusing to listen to both sides of the problem.

It is time to give it a rest. Leave Tony alone.

Truck stop tiger’s home endangered after ruling

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Watch the video below, it’s a bit old but it has Michael Sandlin telling everyone how fantastic Tony’s enclosure is; with a water trough to swim…SWIM IN…he cant & won’t even dip a paw in; toys to play with…LMAO What a load of bollocks!!

I just had to post this….ha ha because of the post before this called  “Owner operator supports Tony staying at the truck stop”

This guy wants Tony to stay where he is because there is nothing wrong with it!

He says Quote “This tiger gets regular vet visits, real food — not the ground stuff your pets eat” un-quote. 

Sorry to disappoint the old guy, but the above video show’s exactly what Tony gets to eat…processed food that looks like a fat roll of  sausage meat…I would hardly call this “real food” would you??

Help Lenny Appeal

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Help Lenny Appeal.

This is our little Lenny. At 7 months of age, newly weaned and alone without the company of other horses, Lenny was mauled in a dog attack, then left without treatment for days while his wounds swelled, festered, and wept. He was moved to the concrete floor of a workshop in a scrap yard where he lied down, surrounded by tarpaulins blowing in the gale-force winds and burning piles of rubbish. Due to the owner’s lack of experience with horses and knowledge about equine veterinary needs, this foal was left to suffer a very long time.Lenny bitten on the noseFortunately for Lenny, not everyone in this world is so cruel. On January 5th, Marie Edwards and Abbie Davis from Priory Farm, with the help of livery client Jay Mitchener, drove to the yard where Lenny was staying out of sheer concern (and maybe a hint of nosiness!). What they found was a young coloured cob, alone and in abysmal conditions, suffering from a multitude of untreated and badly infected wounds covering his body. They decided to rescue the colt and rehabilitate him at Priory Farm and immediately loaded Lenny onto the lorry. Despite swelling so severe that he couldn’t bend his hind legs, Lenny still managed to hobble into the lorry with the bravery of a well-travelled Grand Prix champion. 

NWF Action Fund Action Center

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NWF Action Fund Action Center.

Polar bears are being pushed to cannibalism as the ice they rely on to hunt melts earlier spring and freezes later in the fall due to rising global temperatures fueled by carbon pollution.

Polar Bear

Even as global warming increasingly drives polar bears to cannibalism, greedy corporate polluters are fighting to continue dumping unlimited carbon pollution into our air.

The Environmental Protection Agency is acting now to limit carbon pollution from coal-burning power plants, but is coming under assault from polluter-funded attack groups. They need to hear from you that Americans support limits on carbon pollution to protect the future of polar bears.

Help create a better future for polar bears by sending a message to the Environmental Protection Agency in support of limits to carbon pollution from coal-burning power plants.

Please sign the petition

thank you

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