A seven month old puppy named Heidi was playing on her farm in Frederick County, Md. when someone shot her four times—once in the head.
Now, a bill to establish a state registry of people convicted of animal abuse or neglect carries her name—Heidi’s law.

SEE photos of Heidi.

Lynette Kauffman still struggles to talk about her puppy without crying, but she does believe something good could come from her death if Heidi’s law is passed.

“I really look at this bill as a legacy of hope where Heidi will live on and help prevent this from happening to someone else’s animal,” Kauffman said.

State Senator Ron Young of Frederick drafted Heidi’s law so the public could keep track of anyone convicted of abusing or neglecting an animal in Maryland. Their picture and address would be posted on the registry for 10 years.

“I’m not trying to brand someone for life, just to put the warning flag up and keep pets away from them,” he said.

“Humane societies and pet stores and such could check the registry and not allow an abuser to have another pet,” Young said.

If passed, Heidi’s Law would become the first state in the country to have an animal abuse registry.

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