Nepal Mass Animal Sacrifice Festival

In November 2009: The world’s biggest animal sacrifice ceremony got under way in Nepal  with the killing of the first of more than 250,000 animals for the Hindu festival of Gadhimai at Bariyapur.

The event, which happens every five years, began with the decapitation of thousands of buffalo, killed in honour of Gadhimai, a Hindu goddess of power. Many of the animals arrived at the festival after spending two days with no food or water. During the massacre the animals were not tethered and knives were not sharpened, and often nothing more than a kitchen knife is used. Herded into one place the animals witness the killings of other animals prior to their turn and baby animals saw their mothers killed.

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To the disgrace of Nepal, the brutal killing of over 200,000 animals at the Gadhimai Festival in 2009 was sponsored by the country’s Government.
The truth is that Gadhimai legitimises violence against the innocent. The priests make the devotees believe that their wish will only come true when offering an expensive buffalo, goat or other kind of animal.
According to the campaigners, the festival is promoted as a “spectacle” and a cultural event that enriches Nepalese culture.
In the main event, 250 appointed residents with traditional kukri knives began their task of decapitating more than 10,000 buffalo in a dusty enclosure guarded by high walls and armed police.
Other killings were carried out by any one who wanted to do so in a three kilometre radius of the Gadhimai temple, where Individual devotees killed the remaining  buffalo, an estimated 20,00 in total, and an unknown number of other animals such as sheep, rats, chickens, pigeons, pigs, goats after paying  Rs 25.
During the massacre the animals were not tethered and knives were not sharpened, and often nothing more than a kitchen knife is used .
 Everyone could kill anything, with whatever knife or sword. Many animals died an unbearable slow and violent death because the butcher was inexperienced and the knives were not sharpened properly. Thousands of buffaloes were standing in an enclosure when butchers holding swords started hacking randomly at the animals. Some heads could be severed in one cut; in other cases it took the butchers a long time to kill the buffalo.

No one was holding the animals – many tried to escape. Baby buffaloes were bleating and searching for their mothers. Soon they were walking around in a pool of blood. They were hunted down by the butchers. Needless to say, not a single animal survived the blood bath.

Other than greed, profiteering  and exploitation why? What is the reason behind such appalling brutality to such gentle creatures. To read more about this sacrificial blood bath, visit this site…We can not let this happen again in 2014.

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