One of the great lies of the Korean dog meat industry is that only special kinds of dogs are bred and slaughtered for dog meat. The reality is that any kind of dog can end up as dog meat. So abandoned pets quite often end up as dog meat.

Besides, no one can tell what kind of dog they are eating. The open secret of pet dog meat was dramatically exposed on Korean TV in 2010 and shocked many viewers. In 2011, a TV crew went back to see if anything had changed. This video is part of that investigation. Despite denials from dog meat sellers, the investigation shows that the former pet slaughter industry is thriving and pet dog meat is basically sold everywhere.

There are a growing number of Koreans who are passionately fighting the centuries-old practice of eating dog on the peninsula. Though a relatively small percentage of the Korean population eats dog meat, numbers suggest that a majority believe it is the right of others to do so. Exact statistics are hard to come by in the unregulated industry, but Korean animal rights groups put the number of dogs slaughtered annually for meat and health tonics at over 2.5 million. Food writer, Frankie Herrington, examines the past, the present and the future of this vestige of East Asian culture.

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