Moran Market (Traditional Outdoor Market) in Seongnam-city, Kyunggido-province, South Korea. This video exposes the horrific reality of dogs and cats being sacrificed as meat by double standard that categorize some dogs as meat dogs and some dogs as pet dogs.

Whether a captured stray or a farmed dog, many marketplace slaughter methods are deliberately designed to intensify and prolong the animal’s suffering. This is the result of a misguided belief that torturing a dog prior to death results in better tasting, adrenaline-rich meat.

Killing methods include clubbing to death, throat-slitting, hanging by the neck and electrocution

Read the following:- Korea Animal Welfare Association (formerly Animal Freedom Korea) Korean Dog Meat Report 2008;

If like me you are disgusted at the thought of eating sentient beings we class as pets;  Please sign the petition to stop it:-

There are lots of petitions to sign on dog meat

Little has changed over the years regarding the dog meat industry in Korea. The selling and processing of dog meat is still technically illegal. The situation could be summed up with this paradox: it is illegal to produce and consume dog meat but it is not against the law.Debate continues on its legalization but an impasse remains at the moment between the Korean government and animal welfare groups, meaning that everything continues on now as it has done in the past

Warning – Viewer Discretion is Advised

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