In countries where bullfighting is allowed it is increasingly becoming recognised as sheer barbarity. This savagery involves two beautiful animals, bulls and horses. While the bulls are guaranteed to die, the future of the horses is often no brighter!  It is, after all, banned throughout the UK and the Commonwealth nations, as well as most of Europe because it is deemed cruel & barbaric.

The tormented bull does not understand that it is the man on the horse’s back that is causing his pain, only that he is in agony. He therefore sees the horse as his enemy as much as the man, nor does the bull differentiate breeds.

Do not confuse the “picadors” with another form of bullfighting performed from horseback. This activity is known in Spain as “el rejoneo” where it forms a part of “Andalusian” horse culture and is known in Portugal as “toureio ecuestre” where it is, and has historically been, the dominant form of bullfighting.

These horses are very expensive & are beautiful, elegant & fast on their feet. They flit around the ring like a ballerina; but it only takes one wrong turn & they too can be fatally gored! These are a hot blooded breed of horse, like the “Anglo Arab” that can perform alta escuela (high school) movements in front of the bull but react quickly to its sudden charge. The aim of the “rejoneador”  is to demonstrate his skill in horsemanship and intuition by allowing the bull to come as close to the horse as possible without placing it in danger. The risk to these horses is further lessened in a “corrida de rejones” by the fact that the tips of the bull’s horns are either blunted or covered, the rider does not allow the bull to run and knock his mount, as is the case with the “picador”.

In bullfights with “picadors”  (men on horseback armed with spears)

The horses are usually a cold blooded breed such as a “Percheron” (heavy horse, not that graceful) they are there to be charged at. “Picadors” are used to not only injure the bull with the spears in it’s neck, but to also tire the bull.

 These days they usually wear a skirt termed a “peto”  The horse will stand with their off (right hand) sides open to the bull’s charge, and for this reason the picador wears armour on his right leg only. The bull would be encouraged to charge at one of the picador’s mounts, however the “Peto” does little to protect the horse if the bulls horns get under it; although it does stop the public seeing the horses entrails ripped out.

Perhaps the worst fiesta with bulls and horses happens in Mexico, during an event which is  known as “saca tripas” (‘gutting’), where many riders on unprotected horses chase a bull in the confines of a closed bullring, like the video below. The bull charges the horses & if caught up with, will invariably, gore them; some to death.

“Have you never wondered why the horse stands still in the bullring, right in the path of a charging bull??

They don’t move because the “picadors” horses ears are usually filled with paper to block out the sounds of the cheering crowd & that of the charging bull; they are also blindfolded. It is also believed that some have their vocal cords cut so they can’t make noise…which ever it is, no horse would willingly pit itself against a bull…horses are flight not fight animals. Even the expensive bred “Andalusian” or “Anglo Arab” horses are forced to perform by the rider, not by choice!

(You can clearly see in the picture, the horse is blindfolded & its ear’s are wrapped to block out noise)

“As a horse owner for 40 years, this infuriates the hell out of me. I don’t give a crap whether the horse cost  £10 or £10,000; they don’t deserve to die such horrible deaths! I can only imagine the sheer panic these terrified equines endure. I have cried so many times over videos like this but I feel most people only think of the bull; so I intend to educate you otherwise!”

Please sign the petitions to stop this brutal sport, there are many more on line!

“These beautiful sentient equines are used to entertain paying crowds, who lust for blood; which they usually get. They claim that bullfighting is a “tradition” & “cultural heritage” so it is, but it doesn’t make it right to carry on doing it!  It was also tradition to “burn witches at the stake”, but we don’t do it any more because we know its wrong; we now live in a more civilised society, supposedly! I am so sick of animals being tortured, abused  or killed, all in the name of “Tradition”.  I say stuff tradition, what about morals, empathy & feelings? we are not chest beating barbarians who know no better, or are we??

This is just one of many videos where the horse is literally gutted;  P.S It probably will put you off your tea! Please don’t support this cruelty

Viewer discretion is strongly advised; but if you want to see what really happens..this is  a Mexican bullfight!

“The following looks like an Andalusian, very expensive breed. It is still breathing so no idea what that muppet is doing jumping up & down on its chest, the description say’s it collapsed of a heart attack ; plus 2 other fatalities ” 

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