Animal cruelty case: ‘Half his face and neck was blown away’

By Laura Stricker/The Sudbury Star

A German Shepherd found on the side of the road had such massive injuries that it’s a miracle he’s still alive, says one of his rescuers.

“Half his face and neck was blown away … he was missing over half of his face. I could fit my whole fist inside his neck,” said Maureen Massicotte.

Massicotte is a bus driver and animal rescuer living in St. Charles, about one hour southeast of Sudbury. On Tuesday afternoon, she was contacted by bus dispatch after another bus driver, Ron Eveson, spotted the dog on the side of the road.

“I got there as quickly as I could and, in the meantime, our dispatch had a hold of 911 and the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) and they showed up on the site. There were other witnesses that are being interviewed by the OPP that heard the shot and did see something that we think might be of concern,” Massicotte told The Star Wednesday evening.

The dog, who Massicotte and her daughter have named Buddy, was reportedly blasted twice in the face with a shotgun.

“I have veterinary training, and I assessed the situation and realized the dog, even though he had a massive wound, could be saved because it hadn’t hit any major arteries or broken his jaw. It’s a beautiful animal. He was worth saving.”

Massicotte and her daughter took Buddy to Walden Animal Hospital in Lively, where he was in surgery for about an hour and a half. More than 50 pellets were removed from his body.

“He’s doing wonderful. I talked to his vet tonight (Wednesday). We have hopeful expectations he should be coming home Saturday,” said Massicotte, who has decided to adopt Buddy.

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