Target: Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Russia  Goal: Make tattooing animals illegal in Russia.

Vanity tattoos for cats have become a recent trend in Russia. Tattoo artists have been sedating animals for hours at a time to give them tattoos for purely aesthetic reasons—just because they like the way they look.

Sedating an animal to tattoo it is clearly dangerous in itself, but animal vanity tattoos can lead to larger complications as well. The animals’ skin can become infected, and they often experience pain and soreness from the tattoo needles upon waking. While small tattoos are sometimes given on ears for identification, those procedures are always done by a trained veterinary professional.

Vanity tattoos for cats are unethical and irresponsible. Animals cannot give their consent and there are far too many risks involved. Stylistically tattooing a cat qualifies as animal abuse and should be outlawed in Russia.

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“OMG…WTF…this doesn’t need to be translated, but I am horrified by it, as should any sane person be. I see this as abuse, these animals can’t say NO, how selfish of their owners”