This morning, we received a response to our complaint to the Hackney Horse Society of SA

The Acting President/Chairman, Mr A Davids, looks upon the complaints in a very serious light.  An emergency hearing against the owner and his assistant will be held on Wednesday 21st March 2012., just prior to their Annual General Meeting.  SA Studbook are very supportive of our complaint, stating that cruel training methods are NOT ACCEPTABLE., and SA Studbook.

We have proposed that now is the time to introduce rules pertaining to the welfare of animals into their Breed Rule Book.

Dangerous and dirty stables, little bedding. We have put forward, in our report to them, all of the offences that we feel have been committed against these poor horses, including cruel and barbaric training methods, tight chains around coronet causing injuries, completely unsuitable stabling facilities, barbed wire inside stable doors, lack of bedding, dirty stables, cruel training gadgets and tack, bandaging of necks, dangerous objects in paddocks and insufficient shelter.

Hackney Stud, Kimberley
dangerous and dirty stables, little bedding
Hackney Stud, Kimberley
some stallions were kept in what can only be described as a ‘cage’
Hackney Stud, Kimberley
this mare is expected to live in this area – damp, dangerous, and totally unsuitable
Hackney Stud, Kimberley

one of the confiscated training bridles

We will update again on this case shortly  – we WILL sort this out!

News Link:-http://www.horsecare.org.za/hackney-stud-n-cape-update/