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Muffin, left to suffer

Muffin, a neglected cat that the “owner” stated “wasn’t so bad”.. 

We need to have the WOMAN who is known to be prosecuted for her crime. The fact that this poor cat suffered to this degree needlessly for 6 months!! is one of  the Worst Intentional cases of abuse to a cat I have heard of EVER maybe the worst in U.S. History .
This is Muffins Story Some rescuers heard about Muffin in August 2011
They knew that Muffin was FIV + and had a leg injury that needed attention for several months. Although several rescue people offered help to the person who had the cat, the woman  wouldn’t turn the cat over. She did NOTHING.

After 6 LONG MONTHS .the woman” finally” contacted one of  the rescuers to report that the side of the cat’s face was bleeding, the eye was bulging, maggots were infesting it, and there was huge swelling–she “finally” decided that the cat had to go to the vet so some rescuers took Muffin to an emergency vet.( what was her first clue the face bleeding or perhaps the maggots?)

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