“YES…Congratulations to the Panama Congress for finally prohibiting Bull fights, however they should have included cock-fighting & horse racing; but this will do…for now!”

The Panama Congress on Thursday approved a law to prevent cruelty to animals, which provides for fines of up to $ 1,000 and prohibits bullfighting and dogfighting, but not roosters, informed Parliament.

The population “should report any act that jeopardizes the rights of domestic animals,” said the deputy driving the law, the ruling Victor Juliao.

The law provides for fines up to $ 1,000 for those who cause injury or death to pets, plus penalties of up to $ 500 for those who do not take your pet to the vet or denied food or water.

“With these new laws will do justice to the innocent animals, which often become victims of inhumane people,” said Juliao, according to a statement.

Panama also banned in dog fighting, racing between animals and bullfights. However, does not prohibit cockfighting and horse racing, moving thousands of dollars.

In addition, circuses operating in the country could be suspended if there are acts of cruelty against animals.

The law passed by Congress, the government majority, should be punished now by Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli.

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