There is absolutely no need for animals to suffer & have their skin ripped off, just to satisfy Human greed for fashion…Time To BAN It Now

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Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney is about to decide what action, if any, to take about mink farming in Ireland. In November 2011 the Minister established a Review Group in his Department to review fur farming. Animal organizations in Ireland made detailed submissions to the Review Group, calling for fur farming to be banned.

There are 5 licensed mink farms operating in the Republic of Ireland. Figures from the Central Statistics Office in Ireland show that 141.812 mink pelts were exported in 2010 (the annual figure for 2011 is not available yet). The type of mink farmed for fur is the American mink. One of the mink farms used to also rear and slaughter foxes for their fur. The types of foxes farmed for fur are silver foxes and arctic foxes…

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