Chambersburg‘s Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter is seeking information about two boxer dogs that were apparently dropped off overnight and found Wednesday morning.

Shelter spokesperson Jennifer Vanderau said the “very sweet” pair of dogs, a male and a female, were left in an outside kennel run with no collars or means of identification.

The people at the shelter have named the female dog Kia. Estimated to be between 2 and 3 years old, she has a brindle coat with some white markings. Vanderau said all the dog’s teeth are worn down and some of her molars are missing.

On the day she was found, Kia weighed 59 pounds. Vanderau wrote in an e-mail that the dog “has pressure sores on all four legs and on her rump. She has an unnatural gait that could be conformational issues/deformities but would need X-rays to know for sure.

” The male boxer, believed to be about a year old, has been named Lamar. He has a fawn coat with white markings and weighed 39 pounds on Wednesday, Vanderau said. Both dogs had fleas and showed evidence around their ears that parasitic fly larvae have been feeding off of them, Vanderau said.

The boxers received flea treatment and vaccinations, and are now being kept in isolation. They are not available for adoption or to be viewed by the public. Vanderau estimated that on average, one dog is anonymously dropped off at the shelter every week. She said people wishing to surrender their animals are urged to do so by making proper arrangements with the shelter ahead of time.

Recognize her? Kia was dropped off Wednesday at the animal... (Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter)

“We do understand that there are circumstances in life that result in people having to surrender their pets,” she said. “A lot of people have come to us because they’re homeless and they can’t take their pets with them.” In those situations, people should call the shelter a few weeks in advance whenever possible to ensure that the necessary resources are available.

The required paperwork includes questions about the animal, including how long they had it, dietary habits and how it interacts with children and other animals. “It’s important that they go through the proper channels for the dog’s sake,” Vanderau said. “Otherwise, we don’t know their names, we don’t know anything about them as far as their history goes.”

Anyone with information about the dropped-off boxers, or who would like to make a monetary donation to help cover their continued care may call the shelter at 263-5791, or visit the facility at 2325 Country Road. More information is also available at the shelter’s website,

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