Against English badger ‘cull

We the undersigned pledge not to buy English dairy products. We recognise that the Government’s decision to annihilate badgers in parts of England is one designed to prop up the dairy industry – and is not a decision supported by the majority of science or common sense.

We recognise that the TB epidemic in England is a product of bad farming practices – with huge numbers of cattle movements; insufficient testing in place; as well as the intensification of farming practices, which has meant that cattle are more susceptible to disease.

We also recognise that the Government is ignoring the 10 year study by top scientists which established that badger ‘culling’ will not control TB in cattle. This means thousands of badgers will be cruelly killed to no purpose – other than mollifying farmers who refuse to change their ways. The Government has admitted that if ‘culling’ is rolled out across the country, it will last for years and will cause the deaths of countless thousands of badgers.

We the undersigned believe that the Government is ignoring the science and the will of the people, so we have decided to use our consumer powers to send them and the dairy industry a clear message that we do not support their decision to destroy English wildlife.

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