“OMG…I can’t really express my anger regards this story without sounding like an old fish wife…However, I can say this vile little man better pay & I mean seriously pay for his heinous crime towards an innocent sentient being; not the usual slap on the wrist! .If  they don’t throw the book at this evil excuse for a human being, I don’t know when or if they ever will, when it comes to crimes of animal abuse.”

My inbox is full of animal abuse stories, which suggests it is on the rise, why? because people know they can get away with it.  All the evidence  proves this heinous crime was premeditated, or else why have the dog treats…. I just hope this monster is sent to conventry by the whole town; that is unless some un-named animal lover thinks it’s  payback time first!”

“Kona really is a fighter, I do hope he comes through this with no adverse signs of trauma or behavioural vices.  Regards his medical bills, there shouldn’t  be a need for contributions to pay for Kona’s life saving veterinary work…Ricky Lee Knowles should pay in full & also for any further treatment Kona may have to have as a result of Knowles heinous crime towards him. It makes you wonder if Knowles has ever done anything like this before? The sooner every State, City & Country has Animal Abuse Registry’s, the better!!”

See video link at bottom of page along with link to a petition A dog that was severely beaten this week in Orting is expected to fully recover and donations are being accepted for his treatment, according to veterinarians.

Ricky Knowles

Police brought Kona, a 3-year-old Golden Retriever, to Sumner Veterinary Hospital on Tuesday after arresting a man believed to have beaten the dog with a hatchet or a hammer.

When Kona arrived at the vet’s office, his eyes were so swollen he couldn’t open them. He could walk only a few steps at a time. X-rays showed multiple fractures on his head and in his sinus cavity.

“As far as abuse goes, this is horrific,” practice manager Mike Lynch said.

During surgery, veterinarians extracted three bone chips and damaged tissue from the dog’s head. They also tended to puncture wounds in the dog’s neck. Although there was initially a belief that Kona had been fed rat poisoning, Lynch said he’s tested negative for any poison.

Since arriving at the vet, Kona’s condition has been downgraded from critical to fair. He is remaining at Sumner Veterinary Hospital for several more days so practitioners can tend to his wounds and keep him on pain killers.

“The only thing we can’t predict is any behavioral issues that might stem from such a tragic event,” Lynch said.

An estimate for Kona’s care is unknown but Lynch said treatment for dogs hit by vehicles can span $3,500 to $6,500.

Donations can be walked in or mailed to Sumner Veterinary Hospotal, 16024 60th St. E, Sumner, WA 98390.

It’s unknown what prompted the abuse.

Ricky Lee Knowles, 55, on Wednesday pleaded not guilty to first-degree animal cruelty. Knowles lives next door to the dog’s family and was seen beating him with what appeared to be a hatchet, according to charging documents.

Police found Kona tied to a pole in Knowles’ garage and found bloody pants, blood-splattered cutting tools, a bloody garbage can and dog treats while serving a search warrant.

News story from: The New Tribune
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An Orting man is in jail on animal cruelty charges after he allegedly attacked his neighbor’s dog with a hatchet.

Neighbors are amazed that Kona was able to survive the vicious attack prosecutors say Ricky Lee Knowles delivered on Tuesday.

The golden retriever had a crushed skull, a broken jaw and blood-filled eyes. Miraculously, the dog not only survived, but is already walking  again.

“He’s a lucky boy,” said veterinarian Mihai Aluas. “He’s improving very nicely.”

Orting police say Knowles is responsible for the horrific attack. He was charged Wednesday with animal cruelty, theft and trespassing.

Police believe Knowles went into Sam Hokanson’s yard on Tuesday, where he used doggie treats to lure Kona into his own yard, then beat the dog nearly to death with a hatchet.

Hokanson said Knowles had complained before about Kona’s barking, but he said they’d spoken about it and come to an agreement.

“I don’t know what would cause him, trigger him to beat up a dog,” Hokanson said.

Knowles pleaded not guilty to the charges and bailed out of jail on Wednesday evening. He cannot contact Hokanson.

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Petition to sign:-sign Care2 Petition Regards Heinous Violent Act towards Kona