BUFFALO, N.Y. – A number of high profile animal abuse and hoarding cases recently is prompting one local lawmaker to take action.Erie County Legislator Terrence McCracken (D-Lancaster, Depew, S.Cheektowaga, Alden) called a news conference Thursday to propose a local law creating an animal abuse registry for the county.The list would display pictures of people convicted of animal cruelty and bar them from buying or owning pets for five years.

The proposed registry has the support of the Erie County SPCA.Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita said what we’re looking to do here is to prevent the convicted animal abuser from ever getting his or her hands an animal again.””The registry would identify individuals in Erie County who have been convicted of an animal abuse crime to prevent those people from adopting, buying or obtaining animals from any animal shelter, pet seller or other person or entity involved in the exchange of animals by adoption, sale or other means,” Legislator McCracken said.

“The registry would contain the names, residential addresses, birthdates and facial photos of animal abuse offenders living in Erie County, along with the date of each conviction for an animal abuse crime. The registry will contain this information for five years following the date of conviction or release from incarceration, and any animal abuse offender convicted of a second or subsequent such crime shall be placed on the registry for an additional 10 years.”

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