“I can’t tell you how much I abhor rodeos, if I did, I would probably be thrown off WordPress!!….Watch the video below, then tell me that rodeos are fun, entertaining, a day out for the whole family!!  That is how they are touted, but the shocking reality is that sentient animals are habitually abused, injuries & deaths are inherent to the rodeo industry.  These fake cowboys care nothing for the animals; broken legs, backs & necks are all too common in the ring of abuse. 

“See the video below, at 3.11, that prisoner…yes prisoner…is actually biting the horses ears (this is a clip taken from the prison rodeo – see  further down) the horse appears to have literally given in to the beatings, he looks in shock!. Throughout the video you can see calf’s & steers literally being strangled to death, by the rope line. At 11.00 a steer lays on its sides, legs flailing, his trauma, possible a broken back or neck renders him unable to rise, he like so many others, are at the mercy of those playing fancy dress, i.e. cowboy’s!!  You can clearly see the excruciating pain on the faces of those poor innocent animals.”

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Forget the hype about rodeos being all-American. This video shows how rodeos abuse, maim and kill animals.

Rock bands Def Leppard and Bon Jovi played at the infamous Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo in 2007 in spite of receiving loads of information about the abuse involved. The Denver Broncos sent their mascot and cheerleaders, while the US Air Force Thunderbirds did flyovers, and on one day a complete air show at taxpayer expense.

Dodge Trucks, Coca-Cola and AT&T, Southwest Airlines, Sam’s Club / WalMart are among companies that give rodeo animal abusers advertising money. This allows the rodeos to keep abusing animals even in many cases when almost no one pays to see the cruel “show.”

Go to http://www.CorporateThugs.com to see how you can just say “NO!” to companies that fund rodeo animal abuse.

Our Rodeo Reality footage is representative of what happens at rodeos everywhere–the brutality and abuse the animals endure is inherent to the industry.

All the documentation on this video was taken by SHARK investigators at rodeos sanctioned and operating under the “humane rules” of either the Professional Rodeo and the National High School Rodeo Association. The vast majority of the scenes on Rodeo Reality come from the rodeos listed below and none of the footage takes place before 2000.

What you see in this video is the nature of rodeo today.

Oklahoma State Fair Rodeo, OK, 2004 (PRCA)
Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, WY, 2005 (PRCA)
NHSRA Finals in Springfield, IL, 2000 and 2001
Oklahoma State Prison Rodeo, OK, 2004 (PRCA)
National Finals Steer Roping, Amarillo, TX, 2004 and 2005 (PRCA)
Parker County Sheriff’s Posse Frontier Days, Weatherford, TX, 2005 (PRCA)
Woodward, OK, 2005 (PRCA)
Del Rio, TX, State steer roping finals (PRCA)
Pendleton Round-Up, OR 2005 (PRCA)

” Did you know that they have had an anual rodeo for 69 years at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary,  touted as the ‘Only behind the walls’s rodeo’.  Thankfully it has stopped for now, but imagine, the likes of murderers & abusers of all kinds, unleashed on innocent animals. See for yourself, how prisoners treat the animals. Note the young horse that has both his front & possibly rear leg broken; that young horse was forced to walk away on broken legs, then left to suffer, a trailer parked across so viewers can not witness his agony! …As a horse owner, this is so hard for me to bear witness to.

It is utterly barbaric…But the rodeo mafia confirm they love their animals & they don’t suffer!! Well, they have a funny way of showing it, video can’t lie, irrelevant of who took it!  In my eyes, anyone that attends these medieval events should be ashamed for encouraging animal abuse.. How would you feel if you saw someone walking down the street dragging along a horse with broken legs?  Hopefully you would be appalled & call the police & animal control….SO,  what’s the difference between that & the rodeo?? MONEY… corporate thugs, paint it however you wish…All I know, is what I see, innocent animals abused in a ring, portrayed like a western legend…yet called rodeo!!

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Please sign this petition to ban these crude shows of abuse:- Ban rodeo shows! Petition | GoPetition

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