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Please send a sample letter (three samples below) urging the ban of the dog and cat meat trade, thank you.


Every year, two million South Korean dogs and cats, the majority of whom are homeless, are captured by butchers and sold in open markets. They await the most gruesome fate—dogs are slowly and agonizingly torn apart, electrocuted, strangled, or beaten to death while cats are bludgeoned and boiled alive for human consumption. The cruelty and suffering is one of unimaginable horror.

South Korean’s Animal Protection Law, which was passed in 1991, considers dogs to be “domestic pets,” but the shadowy and illicit world of the dog and cat industry flourishes because of the shameful indifference of the South Korean government.

While the majority of South Koreans are dog and cat lovers, myths and lies surrounding the alleged medicinal properties of the meat persists among a very small…

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