“OMG…2 hours ago poor Justice had a set back, please see end of post for statement”

“Heartbreaking, poor Justice will be in my prayers! I can’t begin to understand the excruciating pain he must be in. Why are there so many EVIL humans born without a heart or soul. I hope the Evil monsters who did this will soon be caught & this time are dealt some proper jail time, not just the usual 30 days…if that! I want to say more but would like to stay on WordPress also, so I will leave it up to those who love animals the same as I, to know what I am thinking!!”

If I’ve ever had anything to depend on in my life, it’s my dog. “Man’s best friend” doesn’t even begin to describe the relationship I have with my dog. Big dog, small dog, pit bull, chihuahua — I have a heart for them all. And it’s stories like this one that truly break my heart.

The public is being asked to help identify suspects accused of setting a four-month-old lab-terrier mix puppy on fire in the Pleasant Grove neighborhood in Dallas.

WFAA Channel 8 in Dallas is reporting the puppy was doused with lighter fluid and set on fire at an apartment complex. Witnesses said they saw a group of teen boys attempting to strangle the puppy before setting him on fire. A witness ran over and used a t-shirt to put out the fire before calling for help.

A 4-month-old Lab-mix puppy is fighting for his life after being doused with lighter fluid and set on fire last week

The puppy, named “Justice” after another dog that was set on fire three years ago, suffered second- and third-degree burns on most of his body. One leader of a Dallas animal rights group said he is “cautiously optimistic” Justice will survive.

Anyone with any information can call 214-373-8477. The SPCA added a $5,000 reward for information that brings Justice’s torturers to justice. I can only hope this happens very soon.

A truly heartbreaking story, but if I’ve learned one thing about dogs in my life, it’s that dogs are resilient creatures, and they’ll love until the very end. It looks like Justice is no different.

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Set-Back for puppy – 2hours ago

Thursday DFW Rescue Me released a statement:

“We have had a setback in Justice’s prognosis.  During a procedure last night, his vets discovered that his entire abdomen was burned worse than previously diagnosed. His vet team has consulted with Texas A&M Small Animal Hospital (one of the most cutting edge treatment centers in the country), and Justice is being transported to A&M this afternoon.  He is on pain medication and is sedated during treatments. 

“As a group, we at DFW Rescue Me, along with his vets, are very sensitive to the amount of pain he is in and his tolerance of the treatments. If at any time the most humane option is to release him from this world, we will do it.  Until that point, we plan to fight along with him on his path to a wonderful new life.”

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