ADI has decided that Defra’s so-called public consultation on regulations on animals in circuses is manipulative in the extreme and designed to give the Government the answer they want, with no choice of options.

Defra did not like the answer they got on their genuine consultation (finalised in 2010) where nearly 95% of the public voted for a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.

They have now put together a set of questions that ensures they get the answer they want, which is to regulate rather than end the suffering of these animals.

The animal circus business has been shown, repeatedly, to tolerate violence towards animals and the conditions that the animals are forced to endure would not be tolerated in the worst zoo.

We cannot endorse measures which we do not believe will protect animals. It is a national disgrace, when other countries are taking decisive action on this issue. We urge our supporters to boycott this farce of a consultation.

“Let me remind you what it’s like to be a circus animal, nothing but abuse, beaten into submission to perform degrading tricks for the viewing public…How could anyone condone this treatment?? I am ashamed of our Government for not listening to the public’s opinion & making an out right ban on the use of wild animals in circuses, as other Countries have! How much more evidence or suffering do they need to see? “

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Defra announced: “The Government will seek to introduce primary legislation at the earliest opportunity to achieve its much-stated desire to ban travelling circuses from using performing wild animals.” Animal Welfare Minister Lord Taylor said:“There is no place in today’s society for wild animals being used for our entertainment in travelling circuses. Wild animals deserve our respect.”

Mark Pritchard MP who led last year’s Commons debate: “If the government ignore the will of Parliament they will be moving towards a constitutional crisis as well as once again confirming their reputation as being against animal welfare legislation”

Mary Creagh MP, Labour’s Shadow Environment Secretary, responding to the Defra consultation on licensing wild animals in circuses said: 
”Last year Parliament voted unanimously for a ban on wild animals in circuses with the backing of 95% of the public. Defra Ministers showed how out of touch with the public they are and hid behind spurious threats of legal challenges in the EU as an excuse for doing nothing. 

“Today, Ministers announce a licensing regime until a ban comes in 2015, saying there is no room on the parliamentary timetable for new legislation. Yet only yesterday they introduced a water bill into the house, which will be passed in 2 days. There is nothing to stop them doing the same thing for circus animals, but it’s clear that animal welfare is way down the list of this Government’s priorities.”

Jan Creamer Chief Executive of Animal Defenders International (ADI) said: “It is almost unprecedented for Government to be so cavalier in its disregard for public and Parliamentary opinion. There is absolutely overwhelming evidence of circus suffering and not a single animal welfare body that will defend this industry. This is utter betrayal. To suggest that the public bears the extra cost of an inspection and licensing regime, and then follow up with a ban, is ludicrous.”

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