“OMG…Happy ending for one dog…But…If the family who owned Maggie cared for her, how did she get out & why wasn’t she micro chipped?  Moreover….were is the heartless scum that hit the yellow Labrador….he needs to be found & punished!”

A loyal Labrador retriever named Maggie, who was videotaped as she guarded the body of a yellow Lab hit and killed by a car in Southern California, has been reunited with her family.

Maggie’s family claimed her Monday from a Los Angeles Shelter, after she had been spayed and microchipped and dozens had offered to adopt her.

Loyal: Maggie was laying in the street next to another dog, which was motionless and had suffered obvious head trauma

A good Samaritan saw the incident in La Puente last Wednesday, called officers, put traffic cones around the dogs and took the video that touched hearts across the country.

Animal Care and Control Captain Aaron Reyes says officers were getting the dogs out of the street at the same time Maggie’s family was at the shelter looking for her.

He says Maggie can go home on Tuesday after shelter workers inspect her home.

The footage released on Saturday showed the female Labrador lying next to a motionless, yellow Labrador as vehicles pass dangerously close to them.

Blood can be seen around the injured dog’s head while the Labrador waits by its side

Animal control officials responded to the scene and took the frightened but unharmed dog to a shelter.

The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) said the two-year-old dog, who animal shelter staff and volunteers have named Grace, appears to have been well cared for.

But as no one came forward to claim her, and she did not have a tag or microchip implant, she went up for adoption.

DACC said in a statement: ‘(Grace was) laying in the street next to another dog, which was motionless and had suffered obvious head trauma,’ according the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

‘When I saw the video clip taken from a passers-by cellphone, it made me emotional,’ the shelter’s director Marcia Mayeda said.

Internet users were also moved by the sad footage which was posted on to YouTube. One person, who posted under the name mmamv83, said: ‘That’s sad as hell. Hope the dog finds a good home.’

While another named mjlbdad said: ‘I wish I could adopt this dog.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2130854/Maggie-Loyal-dog-stood-body-friend-run-Los-Angeles-traffic-reunited-family.html#ixzz1sOD2rq4z

“You can click the above to watch a 22 second video OR watch the one below with more detail”

This news article was on Fox 8 news out of High Point, N.C. on 4-16-12. This loyal labrador wouldn’t leave his buddy’s side even in his time of need. The black labrador remained by the yellow labrador until animal control came and helped her out. Unfortunately the yellow labrador past away from being hit by a car. They couldn’t find the owners of the two. They took her to the shelter and give her a name. Her name is Grace. I hope Grace gets a good forever home with a great family