New York State Troopers have arrested a Sprakers man for animal cruelty and failure to provide adequate food and water to more than a dozen horses on his farm.

The sick animals were seized last month after an investigation determined it wasn’t safe for the horses to remain on the property.

Right now 51-year-old Carl Vitale is now behind bars at the Montgomery County Jail.

During an off camera interview on the front steps of his farm on March 22nd, Vitale told FOX23 News he loved his horses, and did not believe he mistreated them.

But on Monday, the Sprakers man was charged with two felony counts of aggravated cruelty to animals, and15 counts of failure to provide adequate sustenance.

That’s one count for each horse.

The sick animals are being cared for at the Easy Street Horse Rescue Farm in Amsterdam, but sadly, not all of the horses could be saved.

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Nina Bellinger founded Easy Street.

Bellinger says she vowed to seek justice for the horses the night two had to be put to sleep.

“The night we had to put down the two horses, I promised them both that we would get him for this. That was a really tough night, and I really broke down and cried a lot,” she said.

The passionate animal lover is talking about 51-year-old Vitale.

After seeing the poor condition of the 15 horses she helped save from Vitale’s Sprakers farm, she vowed to seek justice for the malnourished, dehydrated, worm infested animals.

Bellinger says she was happy to hear about the arrest.

“He was arrested on 2 felonies, on aggravated animal cruelty, and arrested for the deaths of the two horses that were put down. And then he was charged with 15 misdemeanors, one for each horse, and four penalties. And those penalties were for the horse carcasses that were not properly covered that they found on his farm,” she said.

Bellinger estimates the number of animals that may have died due to neglect on Vitale’s farm.

Counting on her fingers the Easy Street Rescue Founder said, “Well we know (there were) four carcasses, 2 were put down, that’s six, but probably more. I would definitely say more, because we found the skull of a foal that was in his garbage. So there were probably a lot more that passed on, probably due to neglect.”

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