People all over the country were overjoyed when a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses was announced in March. But as the weeks go by the more doubts the RSPCA has over the Westminster governments true commitment to a ban and question how seriously they’re taking the welfare of the animals in the meantime.

Below outlines just a few of the RSPCA’s concerns:

  • Two circus tigers lying in cage. © Captive Animals' Protection Society

    In a correspondence dated 30 March a civil servant at Defra states “I am not aware we have ever suggested that the licensing scheme would be a ‘temporary’ measure”.

  • The proposals may encourage some circuses to obtain more wild animals whilst a ban is pursued, some circuses have stated that they would seek to gain more if the licensing scheme went ahead.
  • The guidelines which outline plans for a licensing scheme to be implemented in the interim, do nothing to improve the welfare of wild animals.
  • Despite the government’s stated intentions to ban, licences for a full 10 years will be available for applications by circuses.

In short, the scheme could cause even more suffering to even more animals, if only for three years until the end of this parliament, that’s three years too long and as the government have made no commitment to a deadline for a ban we remain pessimistic.

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