SAVANNAH, GA –A group of neighbours and pet owners are in shock after their groomer is shut down, and accused of animal cruelty.

It all started with the death of a dog that was being kept at Loving Touch groomers.

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“The words and terminology that I heard were deplorable,” explained Gena Sullivan of the Savannah-Chatham Police Department.

That’s how Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Animal Control and the Department of Agriculture describe what they found inside Loving Touch Groomers on Habersham Street.

“It’s very very hot inside,” said Sullivan. “The smell of cat urine is overwhelming when you walk in the door.”

The afternoon raid started when a dog walked in that door alive, but left with a body temperature of 108 degrees and later died.

“My dogs have been fine,” said Randy Young, an 8 year customer of Loving Touch. “He’s a big boy, 11 years old now, and I’ve never had any problems.”

Randy Young was shocked when he heard what happened, and that the owner, Sallie Bond, was facing accusations of animal cruelty.

“I brought my dog here and my dog is like my baby, it’s like bringing my kid to a doctor’s office,” said Young.

“It just doesn’t stand to reason they’d be making such an issue over this,” said Gene Nees.

Gene Nees was inside picking up his two dogs when the inspection occurred. Even hours later when we talked to him, He still didn’t know what was wrong with the kennel.

“The water bowls were out, the air conditioner was going and they were bathing dogs on two different sides,” remembers Nees. “I still don’t know this isn’t what you’d expect to see.”

9 dogs and 3 cats that were inside are now back with their owners, and Loving Touch closed for now. But still getting “love” from some customers.

“If the doors were open tomorrow and your dogs need to be bathed, would you come here?” we asked Nees.

“Absolutely I would, and not only I would, but a number of people in town would.”

News 3 did talk to several other customers off camera who said they had taken their dogs to loving touch and the pets came back miserable or upset, and owners never brought them back again.

The business owner sallie bond faces one count of animal cruelty in connection with the dog’s death and 12 counts of animal neglect for the animals found inside the building.

Police say bond did have a business license with the city of Savannah.

But she hadn’t had a department of agriculture license to operate the grooming business for the last nine years.

Bond has a court date to face her charges next month.