JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — An anonymous complaint with the City of Jacksonville led to the discovery of a dead dog and a starving dog in the backyard of a local home.

The dogs were found in the yard of a home on West 2nd Street. According to Animal Cruelty investigators, the dogs were both chained to a fence. One dog “appeared to have been deceased for several days due to the decomposition and maggot activity on the body.” The other dog was “lethargic and would stand for approximately one minute then lay back down.” The dog only had a little water and food.

The owner of the dogs, Ken Jones, told investigators he hadn’t fed the dogs in a few days and didn’t know one of them was dead. He said he had been caring for his sick mother and was traveling back and forth between her home and his house. Jones also said he didn’t have the money to take the dogs to a veterinarian.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says an arrest warrant has been issued for Jones. He’s facing a charge of cruelty to animals.

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