A lion approaches a young child sitting on the ground. The lion scratches, claws and lunges at the little guy, but never leaves a mark on him.

That’s because a very thick sheet of glass separates the lions from the visitors at the Oregon Zoo.

A Bend family shot incredible video of the unique interaction on a recent trip to the zoo.

“I thought it was funny. I wasn’t worried or anything,” the boy’s mother, Heather. “I mean you can see the glass is like inches thick.”

Jack, 13, is dressed in zebra stripes, and she thinks that touched a nerve in Kya the lion.

Heather said she didn’t realize the significance of the stripes until a friend pointed it out after the trip.

“That must be it. Because it was the lions and the other animals came up to us too,” she said.

RAW VIDEOLion tries to reach toddler at Oregon Zoo

NEW VIDEOBaby boy unfazed by hungry lion at Oregon Zoo

PHOTOSIs it a baby zebra? Or just a baby?

Oregon Zoo workers say the lions are always interested in their young visitors at the zoo, adding that the exhibit is completely safe, as the video proves.

While Kya was certainly interested in the boy, the feeling didn’t appear to be mutual. In fact, the child seemed pretty unfazed by the whole thing.

A voice on the tape encouraged the boy at one point to look at the lion and say, “Hi kitty, kitty.”