“This poor poor dog, thank goodness she is now in the capable hands of Lets Adopt. I know the group well & by sending  small donations, have helped several dogs on the brink of death. Dogs that are now well & have been adopted out to forever homes.  Lets Adopt help many animals, from the hell shelters of Istanbul, to injured street dogs. They specialize in helping animals  that are usually in dire need of surgery or treatment,  which other charities or shelters just can’t deal with.

” I know that every penny I have sent has been spent on the animal in question, as I receive updates… If I wasn’t sure about Lets Adopt, there is no way I would post it on here, I value you all far too much, to ask you to do something that I haven’t done myself! I can assure you, Lets Adopt do everything they possibly can to heal animals, that other people, have given up hope on! So please, if you can spare a dollar or two, send it to help Nina through ChipIn! I use PayPal to donate, but it accepts most credit cards, its a very easy & safe process, which ever method you use.”

Her name is Nina, and her story until now has just been a real tragedy that has ended in the images you see… We are going to try to fix things for her. Please read on.

Nina was dumped at the Shelter of Hell in Istanbul about 8 months ago. A few months ago the shelter volunteers noticed that her eye was in a terrible condition. She was taken out and moved to a private clinic.
We are told that she started a treatment that didn’t work, and this was followed by three surgeries, THREE!!
Nothing has worked. The eye didn’t get any better, and the right side of her face suffers from a series of ulcers and infections that are just not healing.
To make matters worst Nina has developed extreme anemia and this is no doubt delaying her healing process. Our vet has said that he has never seen such terrible result in a blood analytic and he can barely understand how come Nina still alive.
We are taking this case as we understand that this is far beyond what any group of volunteers can do in Istanbul.
Nina has already gone through a blood transfusion and is going to need a second one. After her blood levels are better and she is not in risk of dying of acute anemia we will take care of the eye.
The problem with the eye is a complicated case of Macropalpebral Fissure Syndrome complicated with a general infection caused by insanitary conditions and a terribly weak inmune system.
Three botched operations and her terrible anemia make things more difficult. She is going to need to have a surgery called Medial Canthoplasty, extremely delicate and only performed by an specialized surgeon.
The alternative to this treatment will likely mean the loss of the eye and worst, her death of anemia.
This is beyond what any of us can do individually, but as a group, we can do miracles.
We don’t have any time to waste… Please, if you can, contribute to Nina’s Chipin today… Let’s help this sweet baby recover her smile again..
Thank you
Viktor – May 10 8:04pm
Here is the  Link to Nina’s ChipIn page, where you can pay via Paypal or credit card, its easy & very safe to use, if it wasn’t I certainly wouldn’t use it:- http://simbafund.chipin.com/saving-nina (Don’t worry about the name, any money sent will go to help Nina, it’s all part of the Simba Fund)
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