“I wasn’t going to show this video, for the obvious reasons, it’s very disturbing for any animal lover to watch.  Even I have taken it easy this past couple of day’s because I needed a break, my heart isn’t made of stone! So many stories of heinous acts of animal abuse, just got to me. But then I feel guilty because I’m not doing anything to help bring awareness to the problem.”

“Nothing will change whilst people read the odd story here & there. Reading about it & seeing it are 2 very different things. Heinous acts of abuse are happening on a daily basis now, shelters are bursting at the seems with animal cruelty cases. Some shelters are having to shut, they simply don’t have the money or resources to spend on the amount of cases coming through their doors.”

“But, there is a massive way the public can help & that’s to be vigilant & report anything you see. Take a picture or video if you can, (don’t place yourself in danger) if a car is used by someone abusing an animal, get the reg. plates. All these acts on the part of the public, make the difference between an abuser being caught or not, & make a better case for prosecution.”

“Many acts of violence towards animals, occur when people are around. Please, don’t turn away or bury your head & say “it’s nothing to do with me”! If these people aren’t caught, prosecuted & fined,  shelters or vet clinics, can’t recover some of the cost’s spent on caring for said abused animal. Most shelters etc. run entirely on public donations, which probably keep them afloat. But if several abuse cases need special treatments etc. their budget will easily disappear, which may mean the difference between staying open or not.”

“Hopefully Laws are on the change, Animal Abuse Registry’s may be the way forward. But one can not be prosecuted without evidence….Please, just be aware & notify authorities if you think an animal is being abused; you may just save a life! Also, if you donate to an animal charity,  make sure your money is being spent on helping the animals & not just another campaign!” 

“Warning…Viewer discretion is advised…this is animal abuse, perhaps even in your neighborhood or the park across the road. These are the pictures to the stories that some may even have read about”



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Animal cruelty. Leave your comments on how to put an end to this. (Warning Graphic content, and images)