“Whoever did this, in my opinion, are not fit to breath the same air as normal people. Please sign this petition, even if just for the sake of those innocents who died, they deserve to have their story told!”

On the afternoon of May 15, 2012, Stray Rescue staff was notified by the police that a dead dog was hanging out of a second story window.

Founder Randy Grim and rescuer’s Donna and Emily responded and found an unforgettably gruesome scene. Not only were five dead dogs in the house, including the one hanging out of the window, but the dogs had been tortured. As if ripped from some sort of shocking horror film, they had truly been through hell.

In a house littered with gang graffiti, rescuers found chains and electrical cords used to restrain and strangle dogs. They found skeletal remains of a dog who had been choked to death, and a trail of dried blood that led to an area where a dog was burned – more than likely alive. Furniture was stacked upon more furniture over the body of a once living being, who had also been strangled with a cable cord. The lifeless body of the dog seen through the upstairs window was draped over the window sill. X-rays taken as part of the necropsy report revealed traumatic trauma to the larynx. Stray Rescue veterinary staff believes that this was caused by the abusers positioning the dog on the window sill and slamming the window down upon him repeatedly, crushing his larynx and killing him.

One witness in the area, who wishes to remain anonymous because they are afraid of the gang who committed the abuse, reported a sixth dog who was lynched, having been hung out of a window. This dog has not been recovered.

Absolutely no living being deserves this kind of unspeakable treatment, and those who did this deserve no better. Three police officers stood by, as well as city employees, who were there to board up the house after the dogs’ bodies were taken in hopes that this torture chamber would remain closed permanently.


There should be NO REASON for these unspeakable, horrific, and absolutely immoral actions against innocent lives to have occurred. Efforts need to be doubled IMMEDIATELY to find these criminals, bringing them swiftly to justice. Additionally, the penalties for animal abuse MUST be made greater and upheld.

Link to petition:http://www.change.org/petitions/find-these-criminals-and-bring-them-to-justice