A brutal killing has landed two Weakley County men in jail. Police said, they are in big trouble.

The two men from Dresden were charged in the torture death of a four-month-old puppy. The extremes they are accused of has those who live in the area outraged.

Preston Odle

Dresden Police said it was a serious crime of animal brutality involving a four-month-old Saint Bernard puppy.

“I believe it started out by them kicking the dog and breaking its ribs, then one of them stood on its head and pressed it into the ground,” said Chief Randal Walker of the Dresden Police Dept.

Officers said they believe Preston Odle, 18, and Levi Evans, 19, tortured a puppy for fun, making this case even more shocking for residents.

“It’s just not, it’s just in human. It’s just very disturbing. It seems to me that they just wanted the dog to suffer.” said Connie Jett, Dresden Resident

Investigators said it did suffer four nearly four hours..

Levi Evans

 “The puppy’s mouth was wired shut, then they put wire around the dogs neck and pulled over a tree limb and pulled it up in the air trying to choke it that way,” said Walker.

Officers said the brutality did not stop there, according to a statement that was made by one of the boys. Police said Odle then decided to stab the puppy in the back with a knife, which makes this the worst case of animal crueltyin Dresden to date. Residents said they are outraged.
” They don’t understand. It’s pretty sickening, ya know to mistreat an animal like that,” admitted Walker.

A sick feeling residents said, they are feeling too. 

“If they are doing that to animals what would they do to someone else that is defenseless,” said Jett.

According to police, the puppy died four hours after suffering its injuries. Preston Odle and Levi Evans were charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

They both bonded out of jail over the weekend. Officials said, the two teens are scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on Wednesday.

News Link:-http://www.wbbjtv.com/news/local/Pair-Accused-in-Brutal-Killing-of-Puppy–152380095.html

Animal Activists Call For Action After Puppy Abuse Allegations

The animal activists in Weakley County say animal abuse is not uncommon in West Tennessee, especially in their specific area.

Not only did the they voice terror over the killing of a 4-month-old Saint Bernard, they issued a warning to the public about what the future could hold for the two young Dresden boys.

Josh Pool, president of Native Way Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said Northwest Tennessee is one of the most serious areas for abuse towards dogs.

Levi Evans, 19, who is also charged with aggravated animal cruelty posted this on his Facebook, Monday,

“I just want to give my appologys (sic) to the people i offended for the dog situation. I have realized i wasn’t thinking and it was very very immature. I know what i did was wrong and i want to try and fix this! i know the dog was helpless and it was just a little puppy! But i am not trying to say i didn’t dowrong (sic) but i am not the reason why the dog died! The dog was stabbed by the other person i sat there and didn’t say anything and when the dog started screamin (sic) i kicked it in the head. very dumb and immature! but stop postin (sic) we should die and things! i am paying for every action i made..thanks.”

Both Evans and Odle are currently free on bond.

News Link:-http://www.wbbjtv.com/news/local/AnimalActivistsCallForActionAfterPuppyAbuseAllegations-152423995.html

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