Dead dogs not stored properly, says leaked report on CSPCA

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“Seems like this lot had an answer for all the inspection complaints…passing the book I fear! Plus, all visits to any kennels, animal shelter, sanctuary, zoo, circus etc. should be unannounced!! We all know from work experience, that if there was going to be an inspection or audit, there was a mad scramble to get everything ship shape before the visit…doesn’t that defeat the object some what??”

Dead dogs at a Cork shelter are not being stored properly, according to a leaked report into the Cork Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Carcasses are heaped into a freezer unbagged, the report stated, leavingbodily fluids and materials” to seep out.  The report follows two inspections by vets at Cork County Council. On their second visit — which was unannounced — inspectors found the situation had “deteriorated significantly”. 

The council authorised the inspections following complaints of animal neglect and cruelty at the CSPCA.  A CSPCA spokesman said it was cheaper to run the freezer when full and the practice of “bagging” would be introduced when the freezer was emptied.

“The animals are stored in a freezer before they are brought to a registered knackery for incineration. Some were not bagged. We don’t empty the freezer until it is full and we are getting there,” said Brian McDonagh, CSPCA spokesman.

Following a random inspection on Jun 6, inspectors found “excessive quantities of faeces evident in some kennels“. Mr McDonagh said this was because a newly-employed kennel manager was slow and meticulous in his work methods. 

“We explained to the vets at the time that this new employee was meticulous in his cleaning, a bit slow to get the work done. “Also, the inspection was early in the day and how clean the kennels are depends on the time of day,” he said.

Mr McDonagh said €100,000 has been spent in recent weeks upgrading the kennels with a new drainage system, concrete yard, increased capacity and a new isolation unit. As a result of the inspections, Mr McDonagh said, dogs not suitable for rehoming, including “excessively noisy, aggressive, and unhealthy dogs and dogs that came with a bad reputation” would be put to sleep instead of being rehomed. “What has this got to do with the inspection? it’s not the dog’s fault they were caught out!”

He also defended the CSPCA’s practice of not carrying out background checks on new owners, saying to do so was a “nonsense“. “They [background checks] put up more obstacles than anything else. We charge €100 for dogs, that puts a value on them,” he said.

Councillors have been asked not to comment on the report until a closed meeting with city officials takes place on Monday. “Wonder why?”

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ARAN applaud Waterford City Council – Motion To Ban On Wild Animals In Circuses

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“Well done, wish more towns & Counties would follow”

ARAN applaud Waterford City Council for sending animal-act circus motion through to next progressive stage

ARAN is applauding Waterford City Council this week as a motion to ban wild animals in circuses, put forward by Independent Councillor Sean Reinhardt and seconded by Sinn Fein Councillor John Hearne has been moved forward to the next legislative stage that goes to the Council’s Strategic Policy Committee (SPC).

“This is a mighty progressive step forward as Waterford becomes the latest Irish City to move towards a future without wild animals in the traveling circus, says ARAN Director John Carmody. “More and more local authorities in Ireland are considering a ban on the use of wild animals and now we will be stepping up the pressure for a national ban.

With our partners at Animal Defenders International (ADI) we have exposed physical abuse, confinement and deprivation in Irish circuses, and in these past months we have seen the public put at great risk with an elephant escaping from a circus and a man seriously injured. If cities like Waterford can move towards ending animal-act circuses, surely Ireland as a country can do the very same too.”

“In this day and age there is no excuse for putting animals through this type of confinement and stress, says Independent Councillor, Sean Reinhardt.” “Public support is in favor of bringing these Victorian menageries with animals to an end, and for good reason. I’m hoping years from now the only circuses that will be coming into Waterford will be those with amazing acrobats and human performers, this is clearly the future.”

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Previous horse abuser has thirteen more horses put down due to welfare problems

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“Why hasn’t this person been named? And yet again, this clearly show’s a flaw in the legal system around the world. There will always be the habitual, repeat offenders; knowing those who will re-abuse is the problem. So to ensure no further animals suffer, the law needs to get it right the first time round. An outright ban, on owning any animals, after being convicted or charged with any degree of animal abuse etc. Obviously the severity of the crime, will dictate the length of the ban on animal ownership.”

“This should be the first rudimentary rule, when dealing with animal abuse. Even wreck-less or drunk drivers lose their licence for a certain period, before they are allowed back behind the wheel of a car…so why not the same for those who abuse or harm animals?? or is the life of  an animal not worth anything??”

RSPCA officers yesterday descended on a property at Mount Doran near Meredith for the second time in two years after reports of wide-spread animal cruelty.

The RSPCA said 70 ponies, miniature ponies and horses were discovered on the rural property. It said 13 of the animals were euthanised on Tuesday.

RSPCA spokesperson Tim Pilgrim said the animal welfare body received a complaint about horses at the property on Monday and welfare officers were deployed immediately.

The owner was previously convicted and charged with seven counts of animal cruelty and fined $4655 including costs in 2008 after a lengthy RSPCA investigation.

Between January and February 2007, nine of the owners’ 41 horses were surrendered and, upon vet advice, euthanised due to welfare problems.

The owner has been on the RSPCA’s watch list since her 2008 conviction, Mr Pilgrim said.

 “Our officers have liaised with the owner and observed about 70 horses on the property in various conditions,” he said.

“The inspector issued directives to the owner that needed to be corrected including immediate vet treatment for one horse with a mild prolapsed uterus and urgent farrier treatment for one other horse.

“We also issued an overall directive that all horses had to be supplied with sufficient feed and that’s ongoing.”

Mr Pilgrim said he believed the knackery had also been called in.

When the Geelong Advertiser visited the property yesterday only about 20 horses remained.

Neighbours expressed their disgust in the horses’ conditions but said they “weren’t surprised’.

Australian Horse Welfare president Jo Briggs said it was a heartbreaking case of neglect.

Over breeding was a common issue among horse welfare cases, she said.

“It’s appalling that the conditions of these animals have been allowed to get to this, it’s disgraceful. We just see people continuing to breed horses for no reason,” she said. “We get some absolutely shocking cases but they usually involved three or four horses not large groups like this.

“It shows that mass over breeding is a huge issue.”

Ms Briggs said many horses were often too scared to be rehabilitated.

“We’ve taken brumby’s out of national parks who’ve never had a human hand on them and they are fabulous to deal with but when they’ve been abused by a human hand they can be impossible to deal with,” she said. “It’s absolutely devastating.”

The RSPCA is continuing its investigations.

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No animal should not suffer for human entertainment, especially those at Rodeo’s!!

Shawano Co. man charged in animal neglect case

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SHAWANO – A Shawano County man who allegedly left two dozen cattle to die was charged Monday.

Joseph Brunner, 50, is charged with neglecting cows on his farm on Pioneer Rd. in the town of Belle Plaine.

Joseph Brunner

A criminal complaint shows deputies arrested Brunner on Friday after questioning him about dead animals found on his farm. A neighbor complained to authorities after noticing “a strong smell of rot” and “large flies.”

Brunner sat silent in court Monday. He told authorities during questioning that the animals had been sick with pneumonia and wasting disease. The first began dying in November and the last died in early March.

Brunner told authorities, “when there were only a few animals left and that it was obvious that they were not going to live, (he) quit feeding them.” He said he had last sought help from a veterinarian in 2005.

Shawano County deputies previously had contact with Brunner in 2009 in regards to a deceased cow in a field.

Brunner was released on a $10,000 signature bond Monday. He’s been ordered by the court not to have direct care of animals, including pets. He must also dispose of the carcasses still remaining on his property within 72 hours.

Neither the Shawano County assistant district attorney nor Brunner’s defense attorney would comment about the case. Neighbors also declined to go on camera. While some say they noticed a stench from the farm, others say nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

If convicted, Brunner faces up to three and a half years in prison and $10,000 in fines. His attorney said Brunner plans on cooperating with authorities.

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Shawnee man sentenced to five years in starving horses case

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“AT LAST…Some real justice….give that Judge an award! If only all judges were like him, our streets would be rid of those that commit heinous crimes on sentient silent beings!!”

SHAWNEE, Okla.A Shawnee man charged with animal cruelty after three starving horses were rescued from his property last year has been sentenced to serve five years in prison.

John Richard Spangler, 35, is now jailed in the Pottawatomie County Public Safety Center in Shawnee, where he is awaiting transfer to the custody of the Department of Corrections.

Spangler is accused of willfully, maliciously and cruelly neglecting three horses that were in captivity at his home on Lake Road June 10, 2011, by depriving them of food, water and veterinary care.

Spangler pleaded no contest March 12 to the single felony count of animal cruelty for the starving horses case and was scheduled for formal sentencing on April 25, court records show, but he didn’t show up for the hearing. An arrest warrant was issued and he was apprehended in May before his case was sent back through the dockets for a rescheduled sentencing.

Case records show he pleaded guilty before being sentenced by District Judge John Canavan.

In addition to the five-year prison sentence, Spangler was ordered to pay fines and court costs, with the prison term running concurrently with sentencing for a misdemeanor case of domestic abuse assault and battery and a separate felony drug case.

For the felony, Spangler was charged with possession of controlled substance for items allegedly found on his person when he was arrested on the warrant for failure to appear for his April sentencing.

Reports from that arrest show deputies found a container with a smoking device and a powder believed to be methamphetamine in his pocket at the time of his arrest.

The three horses rescued were first taken to Shawnee Animal Control for initial care, where they were treated and slowly introduced to grains and alfalfa before being moved to Cargo Ranch, a non-profit horse rescue and ministry in the Shawnee area that also mentors about 20 children each year through summer camp programs.

Over the past year, the horses have each gained hundreds of pounds in their process to a full recovery, enough so that two of them were able to be put up for adoption.

The third horse will remain part of the Cargo Ranch family.

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Thug tortured and killed his pet dog

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“OMG…these thugs were off to easily, I hope their names are burned into the minds of everyone who lives around them, & they are forever reminded of their heinous crime!”

AN animal charity is warning of the dangers of using the internet to sell pets after a dog was tortured and killed just days after its new owner bought it.

Sean Deakin, aged 19, hit Staffordshire Bull Terrier Tyson 20 times with a hammer before stabbing him with a knife at Birchfield Avenue, Atherton, magistrates were told.

He then dumped the pet in a wheelie bin outside.

Deakin, who now lives in Greenhill Road, Wakefield, was jailed for 20 weeks at Manchester Magistrates Court after being found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and failing to provide proper and necessary vet care.

RSPCA inspector Danni Jennings said: “What this dog went through was absolutely horrific.

“The court heard that it was hit with a hammer around 20 times then, three hours later, when Deakin noticed it had urinated, he chased the dog around the flat, kicking and punching it.

“When they got to the kitchen he picked up a knife and stabbed it. Deakin then went out, returning shortly before Tyson died of his injuries, around eight hours after the initial attack. The body was found dumped in a wheelie bin outside.

“Tyson was tortured. He was an innocent animal who had done nothing wrong but to have the misfortune of finding himself in the care of this couple.”

 The dog was being advertised for sale for £50 by Deakin’s girlfriend, Sarah Tame, aged 19, on a listings website site at the time it was killed.

Insp Jennings added: “I hope this case highlights the danger of websites where pets are given away or sold and that people think twice before using them.

“This is an area where no checks are being made.

“Responsible owners should not use these forums to acquire or pass on unwanted animals and people should only take on animals from reputable breeders or rescue organisations.

Tame was given a 12-month community order including 150 hours of unpaid work and was ordered to pay a £200 fine.

She was banned from keeping any animals for 10 years, and another dog was taken from her.

She had previously pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Tyson by failing to provide proper and necessary vet care following his stabbing.

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Truck kills one elephant and injures another in Noida India

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“This is so tragic…when will they learn, elephants do not & should not be taken onto busy roads…period! R.I.P Roopkali”

NOIDA: A speeding truck hit two elephants near the Mahamaya flyover in Noida around 5.30am on Friday, killing a 45-year-old female animal and seriously injuring another. Both elephants lay on the road for nearly four hours, causing a huge early-morning traffic gridlock on the busy stretch.

The elephants were finally lifted with cranes and the road cleared for traffic. The injured animal, still in a state of shock, is being treated. Police said the truck was speeding when the driver lost control and hit the two elephants, travelling from Dadri to Wazirabad in Delhi. The truck driver escaped leaving the vehicle behind.

The two mahouts riding the elephants also fell off as the animals came under the wheels of the rogue truck. The mahouts were taken to the district hospital in Noida for treatment by police, who reached the spot on receiving information about the accident from a patrolling PCR.

“We were walking on the side of the road and suddenly without warning a truck hit us with great impact and we were all thrown on the road,” said mahout Mukut Kumar.

“When the accident occurred, the elephant named , which was killed, fell on its side along with the mahout who was riding on her,” said an auto driver, Upender, who was passing by. “We thought the mahout would be killed, but when he was pulled out he was alive, although injured and shaken.”

Police called in a veterinary doctor who declared one of the elephants dead. Vets from the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals were also called to the spot to provide medical aid to the injured 30-year old Chanchal.

“Since the Wildlife Trust of India is the organization which handles such emergencies, we provided the injured elephant with first aid and iced her wounds to give her relief,” said Dr Preeti from SPCA, Noida. “We also informed WTI, who soon sent their team of doctors to monitor Chanchal’s condition.”

The WTI doctors, who arrived at the spot at about 9.30am, gave the elephant antibiotics and kept it under observation. It will be transported in a truck to its residence in Wazirabad on Saturday morning.

“The elephant had multiple lacerations and was bruised all over. Also, its right hind leg was badly injured and the animal was in extreme pain. “We have given it painkillers and are going to keep it under observation for 24 hours,” said Dr Shanaz Amin from WTI.

The body of the other elephant was taken for an autopsy and the carcass thereafter buried, police said.

Meanwhile, police have arrested the three owners of the elephantsZaheerIqbal and Farooq (who is also the elephant association president) under the wildlife Act.

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JUSTICE: Elephants are being killed for profit in India – Sukanya Kadyan.

Five Abused Toy Poodles On Path To Recovery

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NEW MILFORD -Five abused toy poodles, recently found crammed in a crate on a New Fairfield roadside, will be transferred from the regional canine facility to a poodle rescuer Tuesday morning.

Daryl Masone, who has taken in poodles from all over Connecticut for 12 years, said she’ll work to nurture the dogs back to a point where they can be adopted. Regional Animal Control Officer Audrey McKay told Masone that at this point, the dogs are not approachable and had to be wormed and treated for parasites.

“Hopefully, I can turn them around,” Masone said Monday afternoon. “But it depends on how much damage they have suffered.”

Masone, who has taken in as many as 40 poodles at once from a hoarding situation, and McKay, an ACO for 26 years, were stunned by this case of animal cruelty. They wondered why the person who abandoned the dogs chose to leave the crate on a tiny side street outside of New Fairfield center, rather than dropping them at the animal shelter on Route 37, or the Animal Welfare Society on Dodd Road in New Milford, or the Regional Canine Facility on Erickson Road in New Milford.

“If you are going to abandon dogs, at least do it at a shelter, where they will be found immediately. I don’t know why people do what they do,” McKay said.

She said the dogs had no identifying chips.

“We have no leads on the owners,” said McKay, whose office serves six towns.

On June 16, McKay received a call at 1:30 a.m. from the New Fairfield resident trooper’s office reporting that a crate had been found containing the five poodles. McKay took custody of the dogs and later called Masone because she was a breed-specific rescuer whose work was well known in the state.

The poodles, all adults, are apricot in color. Their coats were clipped, “but they were very, very nervous. They would not let us handle them,” said McKay. “It’s going to take a lot of work to bring them around.”

Tuesday morning ends a seven-day holding period that follows the posting of an advertisement in the local media. By law, shelters have to hold abandoned dogs and give the owners a chance to claim them.

“But this person is going to be long gone,” Masone said.

Masone said she’ll pick up the dogs in her SUV. McKay, using gloves, will put the dogs in individual crates. The dogs will be treated by a veterinarian on Wednesday and Thursday. They’ll be spayed and neutered, treated for their symptoms and checked for heartworm, Masone said.

Masone said she will post news of the dogs’ progress on her website,

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2 Men Face Charges After Killing Dog in Trap

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Two men could face felony charges for illegally using dangerous traps set to kill skunks. But instead, one killed a family dog.

Animal hair remains on the heavy metal frame of what’s called a conibear trap.

The same trap animal control officers say killed a forty pound dog named Kye.

“I’m just really depressed because we lost our best friend, you can’t put a price tag on your best friend and we’ll never see her again,” said Jason Greenman, Kye’s owner.

Jason and Heather Greenman say they were out when 18 month old Kye got out of their yard and caught in the powerful trap.

Ingham county animal control officer Timothy Martin responded to the Lansing neighborhood after someone reported hearing a dog in distress. But by the time he arrived, it was too late.

“It was very upsetting when you first saw it. And it was a little hard to keep my composure together,” said Officer Timothy Martin with Ingham County.

The trap was set on this stake between two homes. Animal control officials believe the dog struggled for its life as evidenced by scratch marks left on the sidewalk from the trap as the dog tried to come home.

“It did look like he tried fighting for himself. I do believe there were signs of a struggle,” Martin said.

Martin says two men set a pair of traps next door to the Greenman’s.

Greenman says he saw them that morning and was very concerned.

“Our neighbor, she contacted her landlord that day and told him he needed to remove these as soon as possible because she didn’t know what they were and I knew what they were,” Greenman said.

Officials with the Department of Natural Resources say it’s against state law to set these traps out of season and on the ground. Animal control officials are now seeking charges.

“I think it was just very negligent of the person that set the trap there in a public neighborhood where kids, anyone could really access it,” said Martin.

The Greenmans say they’re fortunate their young children weren’t hurt, but now want justice  for their beloved dog killed in a trap that should never have been set.

“It should be forbidden. I mean there are children in the area. I mean that’s just a heinous thing,” said Greenman.

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