Riain Richards, 20, was alleged to have swung the black cat around by its tail about 17 times in 30 seconds in front of friends who cheered him on.

Shocking: A man was caught on CCTV swinging a cat around by its tail

The case against a man accused of swinging a cat by its tail in the street was thrown out of court today because of a lack of evidence.

After hearing the prosecution‘s case against 20-year-old Riain Richards, magistrates decided there was not enough evidence for a conviction and no case to answer.

Richards, of Clements Road, Ramsgate, Kent, was alleged to have swung two-year-old Mowgli around about 17 times in 30 seconds in front of friends who cheered him on, Dover Magistrates’ Court was told.

Richards denied causing unnecessary suffering to the cat on October 29 last year. The court heard that the attack would have left the cat physically and mentally traumatised.

Magistrate Gillian Monk said: “Cruelty of any description is abhorrent to civilised society and we are saddened and sickened by the way that the cat was tortured that morning.

Mrs Monk said that, having considered all the evidence present and submissions made by both sides, there was no case to answer.

She said: “The CCTV and photographic evidence presented is of such poor quality that it is hard to identify any distinguishing features.

“No forensic evidence was found at Mr Richards’ home or on his computer. “Nothing we have seen or heard has securely placed his hands on that cat.”

The court was told that the incident, which took place near The Camden Arms in La Belle Alliance Square, Ramsgate, was captured on CCTV which was released by the RSPCA.

It shows the animal’s attacker seemingly dancing down the road with the black cat at arm’s length. The animal is then seen hitting the arm of another man.

Grainy: The court heard that the CCTV footage was too poor quality to identify Riain Richards

RSPCA prosecutor Rowan Jenkins said Lynne Jarvis, a neighbour of the cat’s owner, Michelle Buchanan, looked out of her window when she heard a commotion outside.

Since the incident the cat has been too frightened to go outside and his behaviour has dramatically changed, she said.

CCTV of the attack was seen by a vet who said the cat would have suffered physical and mental trauma from being swung at such force, the court was told.

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