For the first time, the Calgary Stampede is acknowledging its unwanted rodeo horses are sent to an Alberta slaughterhouse for meat.

One of the Stampede horses at its ranch near Hanna, Alberta.

Stampede officials say the slaughterhouse in Fort Macleod is a destination of last resort for a very few number of the male horses that can’t be trained to buck.

“The selection would be in the order of 20 horses a year that wouldn’t be suitable for something else and would have to go this route,” says Dr. Greg Evans, a Stampede veterinarian.

The female horses that aren’t suitable for sport can be put into the Stampede ranch’s breeding program.

The Calgary Humane Society, which works with the Stampede on animal welfare, says there ought to be a better option.

We adamantly oppose this practice. And we would hope, perhaps, the Stampede would look at other options. There are horse rescues in Alberta that I’m sure would help with animals no longer needed,” says Christy Thompson, from the Calgary Humane Society.

Dr. Evans defends the Stampede’s decision saying bucking horses aren’t typically appropriate for riding, or pets.

“Basically, because they’re bred to buck, they’re semi-feral so they’re wilder than the average horse and a lot of them it’s a temperament problem so they’re not going to be comfortable in confinement of any kind,” says Dr. Evans.

“I’m sorry but I disagree, the horses are not semi-wild with temperament problems…they are made that way by putting flank straps on which cause  unnecessary discomfort & possibly pain, plus the riders dig their spurs in the horses neck & withers, then of course they are electrically shocked whilst in the chute! 

“I bet if I put a flank strap on any of my horses & treated them like the above, they would buck & bronc like crazy…until the irritation was removed…but then I would be charged with animal cruelty. Same if I was in a field chasing & roping baby cow’s, resulting in snapped necks & broken bones…I would be charged with cruelty!”

“The rodeo mafia don’t care about any of the animals used in rodeo, if they did, rodeo would have ceased to exist, the moment humans realized animals have rights & feel pain! How can they charge the public money, to watch them deliberately cause pain to animals & not be charged as one would if it were done to animals anywhere else? They cause pain from electric shocks & prods, spurs, roping animals by horse, flank straps etc. etc.”

“Typical example below, thanks to SHARK for being there & capturing the truth.  Whilst the horse is bucking to get rid of the irritation & pain, caused by the flank strap, & the rider who’s digging his spur’s in, the horse broncs & lands awkwardly, breaking his leg!”

“His leg is broken at the knee, it’s literally dangling, held on with a bit of muscle tissue! The fake cowboy’s just stand around whilst the horse is spooked by the noise etc! One guy gets off his horse to undo the strap, but his horse wanders off…instead of staying with the horse in pain….he’s more bothered about his own horse, how heartless!!!

“It should have been put to sleep on the spot, but then that’s lost money, why put it down when it could fetch around $300 at slaughter?  See the trailer being pulled up… If an animal can walk or hobble onto the slaughter wagon, then it will go to slaughter. I have seen videos of horses coming off the slaughter wagon with broken legs, hooves missing etc.” 

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