A MULTI-agency investigation has been launched into an alleged case of animal cruelty at a location in County Cork, the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) has confirmed.

The inquiry comes following the online circulation of a video of animals housed in poor conditions at a site allegedly somewhere in West Cork perhaps near Macroom.

The gardaí and Cork County Council are also investigating the location seen in the YouTube clip which is no longer publicly viewable.

A variety of animals are seen to be neglected in the five minute recording, which has since been removed from the video-sharing site.

The video shows the body of what appears to be a dead cow is left in amongst live cattle in a small shed.

Other cattle are seen in a scrap yard, while horses are left to graze on a grassless site full of discarded wooded pallets.

Pigs, dogs and turkeys are also evident in the clip, with the poultry kept in a crudely designed pen that affords them little room to move.

Those who had seen the video prior to its removal reacted with shock, as the clip went viral across social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

An ISPCA spokeswoman confirmed that the matter had been reported before the video came to prominence last week.

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