“The following videos show disturbing scenes of a man dressed in Military uniform, punching & high kicking a puppy or small dog, which is ‘strung up’ like a punch bag. It doesn’t state whether the soldiers strung the dog up or found it like that!”

“However, it is known that certain people of a Korean culture, purposely beat dogs before they are eaten, so the abuser may well have found the puppy already strung up!  The videos are distressing, nobody wants to see a puppy being punched, much less tied up! But having read the account of what happened below, I was expecting much worse! What I find as upsetting, is not knowing what happened to the little dog…but I will do my utmost to find out!”

“The following has been translated from Korean, so is a little disjointed, but at no point in either video do you see the puppy turned into mincemeat or severely beaten to death! The following also mentions the news about dogs being dragged; I posted those story’s several weeks ago! Below are the links, for those who have recently joined my blog:-



Along with Korea’s and thus koreaBANG’s ongoing Ladygate scandalsanimal abuse seems to be another unfortunate trend that seems to have captured netizen imagination. Previous articles have referred to two poor dogs attached to the backs of cars and dragged to some unpleasant ends.

This most recent animal-abuse has sent netizens into a frenzy trying to find out the identity of what seems to be a military man and his friend who string up a puppy and use the poor animal for some boxing practise.

Video of a man in a military uniform hung a puppy up like a sandbag before assaulting it have sparked public indignation amongst netizens.

The 17th Day Animal Protection Group has issued a statement for information for this man….

The released footage show a man in a military uniform a puppy up like sandbag before using his fists to beat the dog’s flank and abdomen.

The uniformed man who continued the beating used a tool to beat the dog into mincemeat before also stamping the dog with his military boots.

The terrified puppy soiled himself prompting the man to beat the dog with a broomstick and swearing. ‘You sh*tted you dirty dog.’

The voice of an amused cameraman can also be heard in the video. The footage ends with the man asking the hanging puppy ‘Isn’t this fun?

The individual who supplies the information to the video discovered the footage on a Cyworld Mini Homepage when surfing with ‘Pato-tagi’. ‘Pato-tagi’ is a function that allows users to visit others’ Mini Homepage randomly. The original post made in 2009 has been deleted.

It’s said that an indictment has been filled out on the case and referred to the police.

Video & News Link:http://www.koreabang.com/2012/stories/controversial-military-sandbag-puppy-assault-video.html

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