“I have taken this straight from my email because it’s a great way to get donations to help the cause! Just click the Facebook Like & $1 will be donated to the fund…simple!”


National Wildlife Federation Action Fund

For every new person who “likes” us on Facebook, a generous donor will put $1 toward the fight to protect polar bears, panthers, sea turtles, and more!

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Dear Julie,

Great news! One of our supporters has made a generous offer.

He’ll donate $1 to National Wildlife Federation Action Fund for every new person who “likes” us on Facebook — up to $5,000 — through midnight this Friday!

This donor knows that Facebook is a great way to build a national network of individuals who are committed to winning the fight for grizzly bears, river otters, panthers, and the rest of America’s wildlife.

Join the fight for wildlife — “Like” National Wildlife Federation Action Fund on Facebook now!

When you like us on Facebook, you’ll:


-Be the first to hear breaking news and ways to take action in the fight to protect America’s wildlife

-Learn about local events where you can speak up for wildlife

-Show your friends and family that you care about keeping our water clean, protecting crucial habitats, and standing up for wildlife

-Connect with a community of wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts who are taking action for polar bears, caribou, Florida panthers, and many more

And right now, when you “like” us, you’ll also help raise money in the fight for America’s wildlife. It takes just seconds to click the “like” button, but each of those clicks will add up!

Be sure to join us on Facebook by midnight this Friday, June 8th!

Thanks for all you do for wildlife.


Sue Brown
Executive Director, NWF Action Fund


There website:- http://www.nwf.org/About.aspx