On July 6 the Calgary Stampede will once again see animals abused for entertainment in its infamous rodeo in Alberta, Canada. More than 80 animals have died at the Stampedesince 1986 and many more have been subjected to fear, pain and stress to make them perform for the crowds.

Terrified 3 month old calves are treated so cruelly they are often injured or killed

One of the worst events is calf-roping, in which terrified three-month-old calves are goaded out of a chute, chased at speeds of up to 27 miles per hour and roped to a jarring halt before being picked up and slammed to the ground. Rodeo is opposed by virtually every animal welfare organization in the world, yet thousands of tourists still flock to the event not knowing about the animal cruelty involved.

The League is working with theVancouver Humane Society in Canada to ensure more people learn the truth about rodeo animal suffering.  You can help by boycotting rodeos if you travel to Canada or the U.S.  

You can also contact the Mayor of Calgary, Mr. Naheed Nenshi, to urge him to support a ban on calf-roping. (He is a member of the Stampede’s board of directors) The Mayor can be emailed at themayor@calgary.ca or you can visit the VHS website to complete their online form.

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