“Not ashamed to say this video made me cry, what are we doing to the poor animals we incarcerate in zoo’s? It’s just not right to make animals live in an un-natural environment with nothing to stimulate them. The same can be said of circuses, the animals suffer for our entertainment, an its wrong! We imprison them, to make money, to poke fun at; what right have we got to do this? I’m sure if I was locked in a cage with nothing to do, I too would go mad!”

“This is 2012, if you want to see a lion, go on a safari to Africa. For those that are kept for conservation reason’s, we must make sure we provide them with everything they would have if still wild. We have the ability to replicate any landscape, the only thing we can’t do is ensure the weather is correct for a certain species, but that’s easy fixed. Don’t have polar bear conservation in the UK, have it only in Countries that have exceptionally cold weather etc.”

“We have got to start thinking less about our needs, as entertainment & more about the animals. If one can’t afford to visit Africa to see a lion, there are some awesome wildlife programs on TV…so we really don’t need zoo’s anymore, do we??”

The Zoochotic Report – Quite simply, madness!


Published on 24 Apr 2012 by 

Zoo Check Charitable Trust (now the Born Free Foundation), 1993.

Video observations by the late Bill Travers, taken over 3 years in over 100 zoos in Europe, North America and the Far East, the Zoochotic Report raised serious concern about the effects of captivity on wild animals. The Report helped form the philosophies for the Foundation and its animal welfare objectives.

“In every zoo I visited when compiling the Zoochotic Report, I witnessed some sort of abnormal behaviour” Bill Travers, Co-Founder of Zoo Check