“Somebody knows who did this, why are they protecting them…they could do the same to a human, so open your mouth before it’s too late!”

The RSPCA is asking for witnesses who may have seen someone beating a Jack Russell
terrier in the head with a sharp implement on the Friday night or Saturday morning of the
Diamond Jubilee weekend in Dover.

The dog suffered fatal injuries after he was hit on the forehead causing a hole in his skull and a
large amount of trauma around the wound.

He was found by local dog walkers around 8am on Saturday 2 June on the footpath at the
junction of Bunkers Hill Road and Hillside Road.

They heard the Jack Russell crying in pain and found him cowering in the undergrowth. He
was in severe shock, shivering uncontrollably and could have been there all night.

He was taken straight to a vet who decided to put him to sleep because of his injuries.
RSPCA Inspector Julia Fuller said: “We don’t know what the weapon was, as it wasn’t found,
but it caused a clean hole in the head so it may have been something like a stiletto shoe, a
screwdriver or a piece of wood with a nail in the end.

“Two bloodstained patches of grass were found on the footpath about 5 metres away from
where the dog was hiding.

“This was a brutal beating and we are appealing for any information which might lead us to the person who did this or the dog’s owner.”

The Jack Russell was an entire male with a white coat and patches of tan fur on its rump and
the tops of its ears. He was not microchipped.

If you have any information about the person who carried out this attack please contact our
Cruelty Line on 0300 1234 999 and leave a message for Inspector Fuller.

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