MUSKEGON, MI – An unlicensed pit bull that attacked a Muskegon resident early Wednesday and then bit a city police officer was shot and killed by another officer.

It was the third pit bull since Aprilthat was shot by a Muskegon Police officer, who have been responding to a high number of loose dog calls this year.

The incident Wednesday began around 6:40 a.m. when a Muskegon resident living in the 1800 block of Dyson Street was attempting to walk to his vehicle to go to work.

A male, white and black pit bull charged the man who grabbed a metal pole leaning against his house to force the dog back. The dog tried to charge the man again, so the man retreated inside and called police, authorities said.

Muskegon County Vector Control, which handles animal complaints, does not respond to calls at that hour, police said.

Two Muskegon Police officers then responded to the Dyson Street address and attempted to get a noose around the dog. But the dog barked and growled, police said.

The officers went through the house in an attempt to get closer to the dog, but the dog wouldn’t let up and continued to threaten the officers, police said.

At that point, one of the officers used pepper spray to control the dog, but the dog then charged one of the officers and bit him in the leg, tearing his uniform pants.

The bite wasn’t serious to break the officer’s skin, police said, but it was clear the dog wasn’t going to back down.

The other officer at the scene then fired one round into the dog’s chest, police said, killing the dog instantly.

As of early Thursday morning, an owner of the dog had not yet come forward. The officers Wednesday attempted to locate the owner, without success. The dog did not have tags on.

The man initially attacked near his Dyson Street home said he hadn’t seen the dog in that part of the neighborhood before, police said.

Authorities say they have had an increase in loose dog calls recently in the city of Muskegon.

Dogs that aren’t tied up or locked inside a home pose a risk to the public and police officers who have to respond to the calls, authorities said.

Per the city’s animal ordinance, a pit bull is considering a dangerous animal and has to be properly secured or the owner could be cited.

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