Truck kills one elephant and injures another in Noida India

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“This is so tragic…when will they learn, elephants do not & should not be taken onto busy roads…period! R.I.P Roopkali”

NOIDA: A speeding truck hit two elephants near the Mahamaya flyover in Noida around 5.30am on Friday, killing a 45-year-old female animal and seriously injuring another. Both elephants lay on the road for nearly four hours, causing a huge early-morning traffic gridlock on the busy stretch.

The elephants were finally lifted with cranes and the road cleared for traffic. The injured animal, still in a state of shock, is being treated. Police said the truck was speeding when the driver lost control and hit the two elephants, travelling from Dadri to Wazirabad in Delhi. The truck driver escaped leaving the vehicle behind.

The two mahouts riding the elephants also fell off as the animals came under the wheels of the rogue truck. The mahouts were taken to the district hospital in Noida for treatment by police, who reached the spot on receiving information about the accident from a patrolling PCR.

“We were walking on the side of the road and suddenly without warning a truck hit us with great impact and we were all thrown on the road,” said mahout Mukut Kumar.

“When the accident occurred, the elephant named , which was killed, fell on its side along with the mahout who was riding on her,” said an auto driver, Upender, who was passing by. “We thought the mahout would be killed, but when he was pulled out he was alive, although injured and shaken.”

Police called in a veterinary doctor who declared one of the elephants dead. Vets from the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals were also called to the spot to provide medical aid to the injured 30-year old Chanchal.

“Since the Wildlife Trust of India is the organization which handles such emergencies, we provided the injured elephant with first aid and iced her wounds to give her relief,” said Dr Preeti from SPCA, Noida. “We also informed WTI, who soon sent their team of doctors to monitor Chanchal’s condition.”

The WTI doctors, who arrived at the spot at about 9.30am, gave the elephant antibiotics and kept it under observation. It will be transported in a truck to its residence in Wazirabad on Saturday morning.

“The elephant had multiple lacerations and was bruised all over. Also, its right hind leg was badly injured and the animal was in extreme pain. “We have given it painkillers and are going to keep it under observation for 24 hours,” said Dr Shanaz Amin from WTI.

The body of the other elephant was taken for an autopsy and the carcass thereafter buried, police said.

Meanwhile, police have arrested the three owners of the elephantsZaheerIqbal and Farooq (who is also the elephant association president) under the wildlife Act.

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JUSTICE: Elephants are being killed for profit in India – Sukanya Kadyan.


Five Abused Toy Poodles On Path To Recovery

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NEW MILFORD -Five abused toy poodles, recently found crammed in a crate on a New Fairfield roadside, will be transferred from the regional canine facility to a poodle rescuer Tuesday morning.

Daryl Masone, who has taken in poodles from all over Connecticut for 12 years, said she’ll work to nurture the dogs back to a point where they can be adopted. Regional Animal Control Officer Audrey McKay told Masone that at this point, the dogs are not approachable and had to be wormed and treated for parasites.

“Hopefully, I can turn them around,” Masone said Monday afternoon. “But it depends on how much damage they have suffered.”

Masone, who has taken in as many as 40 poodles at once from a hoarding situation, and McKay, an ACO for 26 years, were stunned by this case of animal cruelty. They wondered why the person who abandoned the dogs chose to leave the crate on a tiny side street outside of New Fairfield center, rather than dropping them at the animal shelter on Route 37, or the Animal Welfare Society on Dodd Road in New Milford, or the Regional Canine Facility on Erickson Road in New Milford.

“If you are going to abandon dogs, at least do it at a shelter, where they will be found immediately. I don’t know why people do what they do,” McKay said.

She said the dogs had no identifying chips.

“We have no leads on the owners,” said McKay, whose office serves six towns.

On June 16, McKay received a call at 1:30 a.m. from the New Fairfield resident trooper’s office reporting that a crate had been found containing the five poodles. McKay took custody of the dogs and later called Masone because she was a breed-specific rescuer whose work was well known in the state.

The poodles, all adults, are apricot in color. Their coats were clipped, “but they were very, very nervous. They would not let us handle them,” said McKay. “It’s going to take a lot of work to bring them around.”

Tuesday morning ends a seven-day holding period that follows the posting of an advertisement in the local media. By law, shelters have to hold abandoned dogs and give the owners a chance to claim them.

“But this person is going to be long gone,” Masone said.

Masone said she’ll pick up the dogs in her SUV. McKay, using gloves, will put the dogs in individual crates. The dogs will be treated by a veterinarian on Wednesday and Thursday. They’ll be spayed and neutered, treated for their symptoms and checked for heartworm, Masone said.

Masone said she will post news of the dogs’ progress on her website,

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2 Men Face Charges After Killing Dog in Trap

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Two men could face felony charges for illegally using dangerous traps set to kill skunks. But instead, one killed a family dog.

Animal hair remains on the heavy metal frame of what’s called a conibear trap.

The same trap animal control officers say killed a forty pound dog named Kye.

“I’m just really depressed because we lost our best friend, you can’t put a price tag on your best friend and we’ll never see her again,” said Jason Greenman, Kye’s owner.

Jason and Heather Greenman say they were out when 18 month old Kye got out of their yard and caught in the powerful trap.

Ingham county animal control officer Timothy Martin responded to the Lansing neighborhood after someone reported hearing a dog in distress. But by the time he arrived, it was too late.

“It was very upsetting when you first saw it. And it was a little hard to keep my composure together,” said Officer Timothy Martin with Ingham County.

The trap was set on this stake between two homes. Animal control officials believe the dog struggled for its life as evidenced by scratch marks left on the sidewalk from the trap as the dog tried to come home.

“It did look like he tried fighting for himself. I do believe there were signs of a struggle,” Martin said.

Martin says two men set a pair of traps next door to the Greenman’s.

Greenman says he saw them that morning and was very concerned.

“Our neighbor, she contacted her landlord that day and told him he needed to remove these as soon as possible because she didn’t know what they were and I knew what they were,” Greenman said.

Officials with the Department of Natural Resources say it’s against state law to set these traps out of season and on the ground. Animal control officials are now seeking charges.

“I think it was just very negligent of the person that set the trap there in a public neighborhood where kids, anyone could really access it,” said Martin.

The Greenmans say they’re fortunate their young children weren’t hurt, but now want justice  for their beloved dog killed in a trap that should never have been set.

“It should be forbidden. I mean there are children in the area. I mean that’s just a heinous thing,” said Greenman.

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Kitten Abuse Case Appalls Animal Lovers

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“OMG…Writing through tears, again…What possess a child to do something like this? Are they seeing abusive treatment at home? Is it peer pressure? Is it a loss of self esteem due to bad parenting? I don’t know, but somebody needs to find out before it’s too late! Whatever it is, those kids new what they were doing, if the police can’t find the kid who admits to it, then all those present, should pay the consequences of their spiteful actions! R.I.P. little guy!!”

Animal control officers in Jackson believe a group of middle school-age kids are the ones who abused a stray kitten inside a Jackson mobile home park Friday night.

They said the kitten was hurt so badly, they had to euthanize it.

Lupe Morales said she is terrified of letting her dogs out because she is afraid someone might hurt them.

“I have three dogs and I would feel really bad if someone did anything to mine,” Morales said.

And that is what happened Friday night, when animal control workers said a Rolling Acres Mobile Estates resident saw several 10 to 12-year-olds abusing a four-week-old stray kitten.

“The report that we got from the caller was they were throwing the cat in the air, and letting it fall to the ground repeatedly,” said Jackson Animal Control Officer Whitney Owen.

Jackson animal control officers said they took the kitten to a local veterinarian to assess his injuries, but the vet had to put him down.

According to officers, the last time they had to euthanize an animal from something like this was in 2010. Animal control said it gets two to three animal abuse calls a month.

“We have a pretty serious cat overpopulation issue in that area [Rolling Acres] and so strays are a daily problem,” Owen said. Workers said they get so many calls from there, that they have to put out live traps, but they only help for so long.

“With such a high volume of people, you’ve got a lot of pets, and a lot of cats, and you know, that one cat’s great grandmother may have an owner, but since she had a litter of kittens, and then that litter of kittens has had kittens, nobody owns them at this point. Several people feed them, but nobody claims ownership,” Owen said.

Morales said she is not surprised after hearing about the kitten abuse, but still she is saddened at what happened. “They should have to pay for what they did because that was an animal that they hurt,” she said.

Animal control officers told 7 Eyewitness News they seized two other kittens that are being cared for by a veterinarian until they can be adopted.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact Jackson Animal Control at (731) 425-8545, or the Jackson Police Department at (731) 425-8400.

Video & News Link:- (Sorry but since Vodpod merged with Lockerz, it’s not easy to attach videos, basically because the new program we have to use is crap!.) 

“The face book link where I found the picture, has this to say…”

This 4 week old male kitten was tortured (thrown against a wall which lead to one of its eyes exploding, they attempted to drown it 3 times in motor oil, beat it with sticks) the police were called and the kitten was seized to be humanely put to sleep.

No one would step up to say exactly who the childeren were…..all that was disclosed was that it was 2 boys and 2 girls of Hispanic decent between the ages of 10-12 years old. RIP sweet kitten.

Please keep your eyes and ears open people you if you even think an animal is being abused call your local PD or ACO…….we are the only help these innocent animals have!! Two other kittens were found and seized along this one and are in custody with Barn Cats Rescue to be vetted and then will be available for adoption. All donations are appreciated and all adopters are welcome.

“The kids that did this,  will probably be the animal & human abusers of the future, unless it’s corrected now! At 10 years of age a child knows right from wrong, so they knew they were causing it pain! They need to pay for this, some how! It’s hard due to their ages but they need to suffer the consequences of their heinous actions now!”

Starving puppy fights for life at local vet – Video

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“I would like to know who the hell let that poor little guy get into such a bad state!! I can’t find out where he was found or who owned him…I will continue to look & pray for Rocky…the person/s who did this need to have the full force of the law thrown at them!”


A three month old Boxer puppy is now being nursed back to health at a local vet clinic after falling victim to animal cruelty.

It started over the weekend. A good Samaritan heard his whimper and responded to the call. The emaciated Boxer puppy, now named Rocky Balboa, continues to fight for his life at Southside Animal Clinic in Lake Charles.

He was almost dead whenever the good Samaritan that found him brought him in,” said veterinarian Dr. Matt Traylor.

Just two days later, Rocky is doing much better. But on Monday his future didn’t look bright.

“Poor little Rocky was found, he’s been grossly neglected,” said 4 Paws Society President Wanda Williams. “He was out in this heat, suffering terribly. He had been starved.”

In fact Dr. Traylor said it’s been a long time since rocky ate a meal.

“He’s about approximately three months old, probably for the last several weeks to a month to get in that condition,” said Dr. Traylor.

Rocky is also plagued with intestinal parasites and a skin infection. But Dr. Traylor says his emaciation captured the most attention.

“Whenever we look and assess dogs, as far as are they too skinny or too heavy, there’s a nice little chart,” said Dr. Traylor. “It’s on a scale of one to nine. Five is ideal, where you have a lot of muscling over the back but they’re not obese. One is very very thing or emaciated, and nine is the chunky monkey, the big obese dog. He was about a one on the scale to nine when he came in.”

Food is slowly being introduced to Rocky, because too much food at once can cause more problems.

“He’s doing better,” said Dr. Traylor. “He’s eating, but he’s still got a long way to go.”

For now, his prognosis is great. Dr. Traylor says Rocky is a fighter even though he’s not completely out of the woods. But Rocky serves as a face for many other animals neglected or mistreated daily.

“This is one of the things that a lot of people don’t understand, you really need to take care of your animals,” said Dr. Traylor. “This is a pretty classic example of somebody actually neglecting him.”

“Please spay and neuter your pets,” said Williams. “Take good care of them, especially in this heat, please don’t leave your dogs out.”

Rocky should be able to go to his foster home by the end of the week. He’ll stay there for at least a month before he can be adopted. For more information on adopting Rocky or any other dogs through 4 Paws Society visit the Links page.

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Two teens accused of drowning kittens face criminal charges

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Two 16-year-old boys face animal cruelty charges after a woman accused them of drowning a pair of 2-day-old kittens more than a week ago.

On Wednesday, Las Vegas police spokesman Jose Hernandez said one of the boys had been arrested, and the other was to surrender to juvenile authorities. A spokeswoman for the juvenile district attorney’s office would not confirm the boy’s arrival later Wednesday.

This is the first case in which the felony animal cruelty charge has been applied in Nevada under a new law enacted in 2011.

On June 16, Christine Ohm said a gray cat gave birth to two kittens in the backyard of her home on Painted Moon Street, near Cheyenne Avenue and Cimarron Road. Two days later, the cat and the kittens were gone. Later, while cleaning her pool, Ohm heard animal cries and boys’ laughter coming over the 10-foot fence that separates her yard from the backyard of her neighbor’s home on the 7900 block of Indian Cloud Avenue.

“I ran in the house, got the ladder, got up on top of the ladder and looked down,” Ohm said. “I saw they had drowned one kitten in a cup of water. They other was in the water and dead, but the boys were still holding it down.”

Ohm used her phone to take a photo from the fence and called the police.

Police are recommending two felony charges of cruelty to an animal against each teen, with gross misdemeanor counts of conspiracy. Cruelty to an animal can be prosecuted as a felony, even on the first offense because of a law championed last year by the Nevada Voters for Animals, an animal rights group.

Las Vegas spokesman Jace Radke said animal cruelty charges are handled on a case-by-case basis. He said animal control turns over investigations to the Metropolitan Police Department when felony charges might be appropriate.

Ohm hopes the teens are punished.

“This is a problem,” Ohm said. “This is where it starts. Kittens now. What next?”

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Finders threatening to kill puppy

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New Braunfels, TX: This tiny little girl was abandoned by her owners when they left town. A finder has been keeping the dog outside in an Igloo doghouse.

Sweet puppy needs a foster or rescue quick! Photo credit: B. Kosar

She is only 3 months old and has demodectic mange.

The mange is not contagious to other animals or people, just looks nasty. Demodex is treatable with good nutrition homeopathy and herbs.

She is a very sweet puppy, great with people and other pets.

The finder (The person who found her) has threatened to take the puppy to be euthanized if a rescue does not step forward within 24 hours.

Please to donate or rescue this sweet little puppy. She certainly does not deserve to die.

Transport can be arranged.

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