Reward offered in second case of dog found with mouth taped

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A $5,000 reward has been offered for information in a Kaufman County crime in which a dog was found dead Friday afternoon with its mouth taped shut.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texas posted the reward this weekend after the female pit bull mix was discovered deceased in Kaufman County.

The reward is for the arrest and conviction of the person or people who taped the dog’s mouth.

The dog’s body was taken to the SPCA of Texas‘ Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center in Dallas, where a veterinarian will perform a necropsy to determine the cause of death.

Kaufman County authorities continued their investigation Sunday.

“We’re still in the very early stages,” said Pat Laney of the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Department. “It’s just a horrible crime.”

Authorities provided no other details in the case. Hot temperatures in North Texas pose a major problem for animals.

“Dogs pant to keep cool,” Maura Davies of the SPCA of Texas said Sunday. “If they can’t do that, it’s certain they would be in critical condition very quickly.”

Authorities could not speculate on why someone would tape a dog’s mouth shut.

“There is a well-documented link between animal cruelty and human violence,” said SPCA of Texas President James Bias in a news release. “Helping the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Department bring the person or people who did this to justice will help stop the cycle of abuse.”

The SPCA of Texas points out that animal cruelty is often an early warning sign of violent tendencies that will be acted out against people. Childhood cruelty to animals has been linked to later antisocial and aggressive behavior in several retrospective studies, according to the SPCA.

The Kaufman County case is the second high-profile animal abuse case this month involving the taping of a dog’s mouth.

Hope survived God bless her!

In Parker County, a dog nicknamed Hope was found in early July with her snout taped shut and her tongue protruding. With her snout wrapped with electrical tape, Hope was unable to drink, eat or pant for more than 24 hours, authorities said.

But Hope survived.

A $35,000 reward has been offered for the arrest and indictment of the suspect or suspects who tortured her.

Authorities said Hope is expected to be at an animal clinic for several weeks before she will be released to the care of her new owners, Charlie and Kit Moncrief, on whose ranch Hope was found.


Two Dobermans attacked and left to die (Caution: Graphic)

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“OMG…these poor souls look like they have never had the hand of love, respect or kindness, in their entire lives…thank God an Angel found them & they are now in the care of professionals. Judging by their scars they could have easily been bait dogs, even though their breed is large, left to starve weakens one’s body, so they would have had little fight in them. It pains me greatly to see this suffering,  but I can’t stop…people have to see the truth, see what humans are capable of; because that someone may be living next door to you! Somebody must be aware that 2 Doberman dogs have disappeared from the neighborhood, please ask around everyone…the person that let these dogs suffer needs to be caught & do a spot of his/her own suffering…anything you can think of could lead to capture. So please keep this circulating!!”

The situation of two badly-injured Dobermans who were near death was brought to my attention by an amazing and compassionate advocate. Help is desperately needed for the two apparently purebred Dobermans, now named Zeus and Athena. They are currently being cared for at the Elizabethtown Veterinary Hospital in Clarkton, N.C., and their care is being coordinated by Silvia Kim, the director at A Shelter Friend, in Elizabethtown, N.C.

“Note this is the only picture I wish to share, you may look at the others for yourselves.”

Skin draped over bones

Based on the information obtained in a telephone call with Ms. Kim, these precious babies were found by the local Animal Control officer as strays, with injuries that clearly indicated they had been attacked by another dog or perhaps multiple dogs. They both have severe injuries from the attacks, and also bear the scars from what could be prior dog attacks, as well as prior beatings. Their body condition was so bad, they could not have strayed far, because they were far too sick and weak to travel.

View slideshow: Zeus and Athena with terrible injuries (CAUTION: GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Zeus is the worst of the two, with infected and festering wounds on his face and body. When found, he had ants crawling all over him and inside of the massive wound on his face. Poor little Athena was at first terrified of any sudden movements of a human hand; a definite indication that she has been beaten and abused by humans at some point, perhaps numerous times.

As if the injuries were not bad enough, they are both emaciated, with their bodies appearing to be nothing more than skin draped over bones. They were starved for who knows how long, which has made them terribly weak. Zeus had surviving by eating dirt and rocks to fill that burning emptiness in his belly from the hunger. As with most dogs neglected in the southern states, they are heartworm positive and will require treatment for that at some point.

Athena’s body shows signs that she has recently gave birth to a litter of puppies, but there were no puppies near the area where she and Zeus were found. One can only wonder what might have happened to those tiny babies, considering the amount of cruelty and neglect Zeus and Athena have been endured.

Clearly, these innocent dogs have suffered for probably their entire lives, and it was only a stroke of good luck that they were found before they both died. The networking between Animal Controland A Shelter Friend is amazing, as evidenced by the information provided by Ms. Kim. Thanks to this relationship, the euthanasia rate in that area has been reduced over the last five years from a 98% kill rate to only around 10% now. More areas should develop this kind of relationship between the shelters and the rescue groups, since more innocent lives could be saved.

Since Zeus and Athena were found as strays, there is no one to charge with his heinous act of cruelty and neglect. However, if the perpetrators can be found, appropriate charges will definitely be filed against them. Surely someone out there will recognize these two dogs, and perhaps have information about who harmed them and allowed them to be neglected so badly. Please network this story through your contacts in social media, and do what you always do so well, which is help get justice for abused animals.

The cost of the medical care for both of these precious dogs is going to be very high. A Shelter Friend is a registered 501c charitable organization, so any donations made to them to help with the medical care for Zeus and Athena is completely tax deductible. You can make donations to them here, or at the contact information at the end of the article.

Read the following on more news & ways you can help these poor dogs:-

Deputy put on leave after 2 police dogs die in hot SUV

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A Bexar County Sheriff’s deputy was placed on administrative leave this week after the two police dogs he cared for were left inside a sweltering county vehicle overnight, killing them, authorities said.

Metro daily – Deputy Steve Benoy, left, of the Bexar County Sheriff K9 Unit salutes as he holds his dog Blitz, as taps are played for Andor, badge number 007, who was retired today during a memorial service after passing away June 27, 2007, Friday, July 6, 2007

Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Benoy, who has been with the office for 23 years, is on a 10-day leave while the department investigates the deaths of the two Belgian Malinois. Although authorities said they believe the dogs suffered from apparent heat exhaustion, Animal Care Services is conducting a necropsy.

According to Deputy Chief Ronald “Dale” Bennett, Benoy drove the dogs to his Adkins home, 23 miles east of San Antonio, after he got off work around 2 p.m. Tuesday, just like he did every day.

“He had a routine,” Bennett said.

But Benoy then left town for the night. When he returned home Wednesday, the dogs weren’t where he usually keeps them when at home, Bennett said.

Instead, Benoy found the dogs where he had left them: in a county-owned Chevrolet Tahoe fitted with dog kennels. Animal Care Services was called to retrieve the bodies.

Officials did not immediately release the names and ages of the dogs, but Bennett said one was a narcotics dog and the other was assigned to patrol.

“It’s just a very tragic accident,” Bennett said, adding that Benoy “is completely devastated.”

Benoy, who Bennett said has been a K-9 handler for 13 years and spent 10 years before that on patrol, declined to comment Thursday on the deaths.

The sheriff’s office is conducting dual investigations, one to rule out animal cruelty and the other for administrative purposes. Bennett said a decision on any further action against Benoy won’t be made until the investigation is complete.

“After the 10 days, it depends on what the investigation reveals,” Bennett said, adding that Benoy is “one of my most dedicated guys.”

According to state law, a person could face a charge of animal cruelty if the offense is committed “intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly.” The charge is a Class A misdemeanor.

Two years ago, a Bexar County K-9 named Duke died of medical complications after he was left in a patrol car for 15 minutes with the air-conditioning running. Duke hadn’t been acting normal earlier in the day, officials said at the time, and his handler was making arrangements to take him to the veterinarian. No charges were brought in that case.

Handlers take their animals home overnight, Bennett said, and the county pays for their kennels. Benoy has other dogs of his own and also raises horses, he said. The county’s policy regarding care requirements for police dogs was not immediately available Thursday.

Sharon Gregory, the executive secretary of the Veterinary Medical Association of Bexar County who also manages a vet clinic, said handlers work with their police dogs during the day and go home together at night.

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Indiana K-9 gunned down while trying to protect injured handler

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Rest in Peace Kilo xx

“This is so tragic… I just don’t understand or see clearly, why the officers had to shoot the police dog so brutally like that! The dog handler was shot in the legs so I’m presuming it wasn’t a life or death scenario…he still had his voice, so he should have commanded the dog to retreat & held him close until another dog handler or vet could get to the scene & if necessary, sedate the dog, for everyone’s safety.” 

” It doesn’t say if the gunman killed the innocent man or the police did, by mistake…just as I think they made a huge mistake, by killing an innocent dog, just doing his duty; protecting his owner. If the wounds were not life threatening, why couldn’t they have just waited for back up to come with a sedative for the dog? The gunman had already taken his own life, so they were out of danger! I would love to hear what Kilo’s police handler truthfully feels about the situation!”

Devastating, new information has been shared about the Anderson, Ind. Police K-9 who was killed on Thursday night in Pendleton, Ind.

Initial reports stated only that the dog, a Belgian malinois named “Kilo,” had been killed at some point in the midst of the fire-fight between the suspect, Jim Kenneth Bailey, 59, of New Castle, and officers.

According to information published Friday at the San Francisco Chronicle, Kilo was not killed by the gunman, or in the cross-fire, he was intentionally shot and killed by another police officer.

Kilo was apparently protecting his fallen partner, Officer Marty Dulworth, who had been shot in the legs.

Tragically, Kilo’s efforts to protect his fallen handler led him to react to the other officers who were attempting to assist the injured man.

One of the officers who was trying to provide aid to the fallen officer was bitten by Kilo.

The protective dog was gunned down and died at the scene.

Also killed in the shooting was an innocent civilian, John Neil Shull, and the gunman, who apparently died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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This is the original news post, but some facts were wrong, hence the update:


Sheriff: Man shot Chihuahua puppy in the face with BB gun

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Montgomery County Sheriff deputies have charged a man with animal cruelty and resisting arrest after he allegedly shot his neighbor’s one year old Chihuahua in the face with a BB gun.

The man, Joseph Sheridan Martin, of Amsterdam, has allegedly threatened the dog months before by delivering a typed letter to the dog’s owner “expressing his hatred for dogs and stated that even though the dog was not a threat to attack him or anyone else, he would kick it if the dog came onto his property” a sheriff’s office press release on the arrest said.

Deputies said Martin admitted to shooting the dog, and that it had not come onto his property.

When he was told him he was under arrest, Martin fled, allegedly slamming the door on the arm of a deputy. Martin has been charged with animal cruelty, resisting arrest and harassment in the second degree.

He was arraigned and remanded to the Montgomery Correctional Facility on $1,000 cash bail or $2,500 bond.

“I can’t find any reports on the Chihuahua’s condition.”

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Man due in court in Derby dog abuse case

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A Derby man is set to be arraigned on an animal cruelty charge for allegedly kicking and pummeling his 1-year-old Jack Russell terrier and repeatedly slamming it to the ground before attempting to throw it off a bridge.

Thirty-two-year-old Alexander Rosario is scheduled to appear Monday in Derby Superior Court.

Derby police say they responded to 911 calls on July 20 reporting a man trying to toss an animal or human off a bridge over Route 8. Officers say they found the dog named Jax suspended on a fence on the bridge by its leash and collar.

Jax was examined and turned over to the local animal control officer to be put up for adoption.

Rosario couldn’t be reached for comment. There’s no phone listing for him and it’s not clear if he has a lawyer.

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Hunting the hunter

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In a remote patch of Uttarakhand, poaching is so rampant that leopard skins and rare animal parts are sold from tea stalls.

Along with a team of wildlife activists, Sunday Times helps track and pin down a notorious poacher. Here’s how it happened…

At a tea stall on a hilly road in Uttarakhand, a little query like “What else do you have apart from tea?” gets a shocking answer. “Leopard skins,” says the stall owner, without batting an eyelid. The man has obviously mistaken us – this reporter and Sharma, an enforcement agent with the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), an NGO in Delhi that works with the authorities to nab poachers and illegal traders – for people who buy skins and other body parts of wild animals.

In this area of wooded hills, slippery dirt tracks and villages hidden behind thick green cover, getting a lead on poachers is not easy. Here a cluster of villages – Hanol, Chadra, Tiuni, Parola – have become the epicenter of poaching, especially of leopards, musk deers and bears. Located on the border of Uttarakhand’s Govind Wildlife Sanctuary – a valley through which the Tons River flows, the villages are also close to the state’s boundary with Himachal Pradesh. Their location gives a perfect cover to the poachers who kill at will and vanish.

These criminals have their eyes everywhere. Laying a trap for them by trying to strike a ‘deal’ for animal skin can lead to one getting hunted himself. During two such ‘deals’ in 2011, Sharma had almost got lynched when the poachers realized that it was a trap. For an enforcement agent, entering a village alone is dangerous . “Almost every house here has at least one leopard skin. But going into the villages is risky because the villagers can spot the headlights of an approaching car from a distance and alert the poachers ,” says Sharma.

But the villagers too are victims of their conditions. Dependent on farming and animal husbandry, they have been trapped in poverty for as long as they can remember. In this area, where the poachers call the shots, the villagers or the actual hunters hardly make any money. The real killing is made by the middle-men and traders who deal with their rich buyers at home and abroad.

Chasing a lead, we meet Sharma’s informers who update us on two ‘deals’ they have struck. One involves two villagers who have killed a leopard and want to trade the skin; the other deal involves Shyam Prasad, a notorious poacher who has already been arrested twice.

Read the rest of this informative post:–fauna/Hunting-the-hunter/articleshow/15252252.cms?intenttarget=no


Left for dead in Tracy ditch, pup now looking for a home

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“OMG…wouldn’t surprise me if this was done by kids…unfortunately some parents aren’t fit to have children! Their behavior can manifest itself through to the child, who then doesn’t know how to deal with the things they have seen or felt; thus they take their rage out on defenseless animals or smaller kids etc Please if anyone know’s anything, contact the local police!!”

TRACY Larry the puppy had a bad start on life. Found in a Tracy ditch last month, he had been abused, his right eye poked out, and was left in the dirt to die.

But the Labrador pup is resilient, and after being treated for his injuries, is now looking for a new home.

“Our foundation was contacted after an anonymous good Samaritan found the puppy and took him to the local animal shelter,” said Larry Hite, founder of the Noah’s Ark Foundation.

“Seeing his injury, shelter staff took him to the local vet and that’s when we got the call. When I saw him I knew I couldn’t walk away. I felt so sorry for the little guy that I ended up paying most of his vet bills out of my own pocket,” Hite said. “His right eye could not be saved.

The pup was nicknamed Larry after Larry Hite, both of whom are blind in their right eye.

Noah’s Ark, a non-profit, was formed by Hite, a Tracy resident, in January. The goal of the foundation is to rescue sick or injured animals and be able to cover their medical costs. The average surgical cost for a dog could run $600 to $800, and in one case it was upwards of $1,000,” Hite said.

The foundation has helped both dogs and cats in multiple cities including Dublin, Brentwood, Tracy and Stockton. It has also been featured on the morning news show “Good Day Sacramento.”

After surgery, the pup was placed in the care of Sharon Silbert, a member of Noah’s Ark.

“Larry is just a love,” she

said. “He gets along great with other dogs and even cats. He has a mellow personality, which is rare for a puppy. He’s very playful, housebroken and has manners. Who ever gets him is going to get a wonderful dog.”

This past week, Larry traveled to Dublin where he will remain in foster care with Tri-Valley Animal Rescue until a home can be found for him. Larry is current on his shots and has also been micro-chipped.

“He has so much energy and loves to play,” said Chris Stein who is now fostering the injured puppy. “When you watch him play you realize that he doesn’t even know he had this injury. And, on top of that, he is highly intelligent.”

Stein plans to bring Larry, recently re-named Raider, to their pet adoption fair which is held Saturdays in downtown Pleasanton at the Farmer’s Market. For information on adopting him, call Stein at 925-461-4347.

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GRAPHIC WARNING: Dog’s horrific slaying stuns community

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“OMG…whatever piece of scum committed this crime needs to be caught asap. They are a danger not only to animals but also to society, who knows if this is the first crime? The dog was found were people let their animals play…surely somebody saw something? If anyone has any information, even if you think it’s not relative, it may be & may help catch the POS who executed this heinous crime; please contact Sacramento police!”

“Please note there is nothing graphic to see in the video”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

SACRAMENTO, California (KOVR) – Investigators are trying to figure out who tormented and tortured a dog to death in California.


Officials in West Sacramento, who shared photos of the dead dog to people who live near where it was found, said it is the worst case of animal cruelty they have ever encountered.

“The snout was all puffed out, had blood coming out of the nose, so it was real bad,” said Richard Dunbar, who saw the photos that are so graphic that they aren’t being released to the public.

One woman, who also saw the photos, said they were so extreme that she started crying and had to run back in her house.

Yolo County Animal Services Officer Michael Nevis said the mixed breed Chihuahua’s legs were bound together, two in the front and two in the back. In addition, Nevis said the dog’s mouth had been tied shut and that its neck had been broken.

Nevis said in his 13 years of service, this is the worst case of abuse he has seen because of how it was seemingly planned.

“I think the method, the way that somebody actually sat down, planned how. ‘Let me tie this dog up, let me tie the dogs mouth to keep it from yapping’ — and then literally strangling the dog to death,” said Nevis. ”Not only not able to breathe, but unable to move either.”

The dog, whose body was found in a field during a litter collection, just twenty yards from where some dog owners let their pets run free.

Folks in the nearby park said they hope authorities figure out who did this and bring them to justice.

Investigators have not identified the owner of the dog.

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Authorities kill 2 bison that roam out of Yellowstone National Park and into SE Idaho

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BOISEIdaho — Idaho officials have killed two bull bison that roamed out of Yellowstone National Park, citing concerns over the spread of brucellosis to cattle.

A spokesman for the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office said one bison was killed Saturday and another Thursday in Island Park in southeastern Idaho. The area is about 15 to 20 miles west of the park.

In a statement the Idaho Department of Agriculture said the state’s policy requires wild bison to be either killed or moved because of the possible spread of disease. Brucellosis can cause pregnant animals to miscarry their young. There have been no recorded instances in the wild of bison transmitting brucellosis to cattle.

Authorities said the bison killed Thursday was along the shoulder of U.S. Highway 20 near The Nature Conservancy‘s Flat Ranch. The bison killed Saturday was north of Mack’s Inn.

The Nature Conservancy in a statement said the bison killed Thursday was shot by an employee of the Idaho Department of Agriculture and was not on land owned by the conservancy.

“Our staff and volunteers in Idaho are saddened about this unfortunate situation and the death of the bison,” the group said in a statement that also noted its bison conservation efforts.

The Idaho Department of Agriculture did not return a call from The Associated Press on Sunday.

It’s unclear when authorities last killed a bison in Idaho.

Darrell Geist with the Buffalo Field Campaign, an advocacy group based in West Yellowstone, Mont., said the last one he investigated involved a bull killed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in August of 2009, also near the Flat Ranch.

He said bison could be entering Idaho a number of ways from Yellowstone National Park, including along Targhee Pass. He noted the region used to be a major bison migration corridor, and some bison are still drawn to it.

“It’s their instinct to migrate, and there are some bison that still retain these ancient migratory routes, almost like a map,” he said. “They know where to go and they find it again.”

News Link:–Idaho-Bison-Shot


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