In what appears to be a horrific case of animal abuse, Craigslist users and resident of Marion County in Oregon state have called in a large number of reports of people picking up animals, mostly domestic cats, from Craigslist ads and then killing the helpless animals in cold blood.

Don Thomson  – the Sheriff of Oregon state’s Marion County – has made his community aware of these alleged killings of cats by some Marion County residents and is requesting anyone with more information to come forward anonymously. News reports in several local news stations all reported that the Sheriff’s office has received word that certain individuals are picking up animals advertized in the “free domestic animals to good homes” section of Craigslist and then using them as target practice on the fields, shooting the poor helpless felines with guns.

Thomson said numerous calls and emails had reported the crimes, but the sheriff’s office had not yet determined whether the reports were factual. Many of the callers have reported that pictures of the crimes are being posted on social media sites.
“Our Office aggressively investigates all reports of animal neglect or cruelty and we take these reports quite seriously,” Thomson said.

If you have any information on this cruel heinous crime against animals, you are requested to call the Marion County Sheriff’s Office tip line at (503) 540-8079 or contact Deputy Mark Ferron via email at

The warning below was featured in several posts on the Salem Craigslist “pets” section, thereby throwing some legitimacy to the horrific allegation.

Do the right thing and call the perps in.

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