Hope is getting better and she could be heading to her new home in about three weeks.

That’s the word from Parker County authorities Tuesday on the dog that was found a week ago with her snout taped shut and her tongue protruding. With her snout wrapped with electrical tape, Hope was unable to drink, eat or pant for more than 24 hours, authorities said.

How Hope was found, her tounge swollen from the tape wrapped around her mouth. She also had around 100 stitches to close cuts on her back!

A $35,000 reward has been offered for the arrest and indictment of the suspect or suspects who tortured her.

No one had been arrested as of Tuesday morning.

On Monday, officials at Bowie Drive Animal Hospital said that the constriction of the tape compressed Hope’s skin against the bone creating a loss of blood supply. She is being treated with antibiotics to prevent infection.

Peeling of her skin around her snout, called sloughing, also has started and she’s being treated with hydrotherapy for that. Hope will undergo hydrotherapy for about 10 days.

Authorities said Hope is expected to be released in about three weeks to be cared for by Charlie and Kit Moncrief, on whose ranch Hope was corralled last week

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