On September 29th and 30th, the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland will host the much anticipated World Cup Dog Show. Much of the event will be sponsored by Purina Dog Chow and Eukanuba and will draw the attention of dog-lovers worldwide.

However, in light of some recent tragic events, many question whether Belfast is truly an inappropriate city to host the show.

There was as global outrage earlier this month when the Belfast City Council (BCC) ignored over 200,000 petitions from animal rights activists and executed a six-year-old Labrador/American bulldog mix named Lennox. The BCC had seized the dog in 2010, claiming that Lennox’s unpredictability made him a threat to the general public.

However, Lennox’s owner, Caroline Barnes, maintains that Lennox merely had anxiety issues and was generally a loving pet, forming a close bond with her young daughter. Nevertheless, citing new Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) – a law permitting the automatic destruction of animals that threaten public safety – the BCC sentenced Lennox to death.

In order to seek justice for Lennox, and to take a stand against Belfast’s unreasonable BSL legislation, sign the petition requesting that Eukanuba and Purina Dog Chow pull their support from the event.

There are still two months left for these main sponsors to select an alternative city for the show – it should be a city that treats all of its animals with respect rather than killing them arbitrarily. Take action in honor of Lennox!

Please sign the petition for Lennox