“Erm, why was this guy up there with a video recorder in the first place…perhaps he just wanted to film his dogs?? Perhaps it’s a dumping ground for illegal slaughter…who know’s….but I wouldn’t want to be up there in the dark!”

This man and his dog discover a huge area of bones in the woods of central Texas scattered all about consisting of mostly deer. Why would so many deer be killed and eaten in this one area ?

The ground is literally covered with deer and other creatures. It looks as though the leg bones were snapped in half or dislocated and the antlers were left a hunter wouldn’t do that right ?

If anyone has a good reason for this please let me know ok. “Him, not me…lol”

News Link:http://www.bigfootbuzz.net/animal-kill-zone-discovered-in-texas/

The Kill Zone – Weird Deer Kill

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Strange area in Central Texas where a lot of animals, mostly Deer, are getting killed & eaten.