“OMG…A happy ending at last…these are few & far between so watch the video to see their happy faces! A little kitten named Tuffy & 3 skinny pit bulls, (which I only got posted today). They were so close to death, who knew they had an angel sitting with them! The original stories are at the bottom of this post!”

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Two separate cases of animal abuse that captured the hearts of a lot of our viewers and made them mad ; a kitten tortured with paint and dogs found starving at a city worker’s house.

It’s hard to forget the images of the three starving dogs and the cry of the blinded kitten, but you’d barely know these animals were abused when you see them now.

Remember Tuffy, covered in paint and left in a dumpster to die almost two months ago.

“We didn’t know if he was going to make it through the first night,” foster mom Donna Smith said.

Now he barely shows signs of the torture he endured, just a cloudy looking left eye that Westside Animal Shelter Veterinarian, Dr. Nicole Vigil, said, “ For the rest of his life he will carry that scarring, but he has recovered so overall we are very happy.”

After News 13 first told you about the kitten, a viewer came forward and paid for Tuffy to see an eye specialist. Dr. Vigil says that made all the difference; Tuffy has full vision now.

“He’s normal, happy healthy, ready to run and play and tear up the house,” said Smith.

After providing the love he was missing she can’t let him go and is adopting him.

You can’t send them off somewhere else, he’s my family now,” said Smith. “He snuggles with me at night.”

Dr. Vigil is hoping the starved pit bulls will also have someone to snuggle with soon.

News 13 got a look at Rockstar and Cesar Thursday also, the two dogs have made an amazing transformation from how they looked just two weeks ago.

Their owner, city worker Tim Chavez, surrendered three pit bulls; all close to death, starved, tick and flea ridden and in pain.

“They just decided they were going to survive they were gain weight and they were going to do it in a timely fashion so we are just so happy to see them in this condition now,” said Dr. Vigil

Dr. Vigil says the pits are gaining weight quickly and even though they will still need more treatment, “Putting them up for adoption here in the next few days and we are going to talk to whoever is interested in adopting them and find the perfect loving home, because they deserve it.”

Dr. Vigil says they have had a lot of people asking about these pets since we aired their stories. But, she says there are lots of abused and neglected animals that don’t make the news that are also up for adoption.

Tim Chavez, the owner of the pit bulls, was fired by the city and charged with animal cruelty. 

Animal Welfare officers have not been able to learn who tortured Tuffy the kitten.

Video & News Link:http://www.krqe.com/dpp/news/crime/happy-ending-in-animal-torture-cases