“They’ve got to be kidding…given the dog back!!  Surely, even if he didn’t know (which I find unlikely), what a pinch collar is etc. (should be banned) he’s got eye’s, he could see the collar had embedded & he’s got a nose, which would have detected the undesirable smell of infection. Why was he using a pinch collar in the first place?? Unbelievable!!”

ROCHESTER — Police say they do not know if the city man facing three misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty after police discovered a dog on his property wearing a collar so tight it cut into the dog’s neck knew how to use such a collar.

Bryon Melanson, 44, of 6 Pink St., was arrested after police responded to his home shortly after 6 p.m. Wednesday to check on the dog’s welfare and found a black lab wearing a collar that had embedded itself in the dog’s flesh,according to Police Capt. Paul Toussaint.

Bryon Melanson

Police say the animal was wearing a “pinch” style collar, which has hinged prongs that pinch into the animal’s neck and is supposed to be used for short-term training purposes.

According to Toussaint, Melanson’s dog is believed to have worn the pinch collar for several days while being outside. Melanson was arrested Thursday after investigation by police.

Toussaint said the dog was treated in an emergency veterinary clinic in Portsmouth, and was then released to the owner. As part of his bail conditions, police officers will check on the condition of the dog each week at least until Melanson’s trial.

“We are going to be checking on the dog frequently,” said Toussaint.

The three Class A misdemeanor animal cruelty counts Melanson is facing are for allegedly allowing the collar to become embedded in the dog’s neck, causing puncture wounds; for causing an infection to occur due to the collar; and for allegedly using the collar while the dog was outside for several days.

According to Toussaint, while city police tend to get reports of animals being left in closed vehicles, animal cruelty cases involving wounds, such as those from a pinch collar, are not a common occurrence.

Toussaint said it has not yet been concluded whether Melanson did not realize how to correctly use the “pinch” style collar.

After his arrest, Melanson was released on $2,500 personal recognizance bail and his arraignment is scheduled for 8 a.m. Sept. 10 at Rochester Circuit Court.

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