A WONDUNNA family that watched two canines butcher its dog, cat and five chickens a fortnight ago will not be told if the killing dogs are brought to justice.

The disillusioned owners of the slaughtered pets have labelled privacy laws preventing any information being shared with the wider community as unfair.

A frustrated Shane Horton said he learnt the attacking canines had been released after a family member visited the council pound.

The Wondunna family who watched its pet dog, cat and five chickens killed will not be informed of the attacking dogs’ fate.

He said he had expected compliance officers to contact him as owner of the killed dog, cat and five chickens to share their investigation outcomes.

“I just think it’s poor communication, especially when you’re the person effected by the attack,” Mr Horton said.

“The other person gets their animal back, they get communicated with – so they get all the advantages of communication, get their dogs back and we get no information.

“I just don’t see how that is particularly fair, especially when you have been effected by such a vicious assault and you don’t get to know what happens as a repercussion of that type of event.”

Mayor Gerard O’Connell defended the council’s decision saying it must follow state laws.

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Related Incident July 24th:-ROAMING dogs left nothing alive when they went on a vicious rampage in the backyard of a suburban home.

Family pets of 15 years were amongst the animals slaughtered as the dogs savaged anything that moved.

The Horton family of Wondunna made the gruesome discovery when they went out to investigate barking dogs in the early hours of yesterday morning.

It’s thought their pet chihuahua Huey was dragged from its kennel and killed while trying to protect the yard.

“He’s always defending this place, he is blind and he is going deaf,” long-time owner Lynley Horton said. Their tortoiseshell coloured cat named Beeps was also mauled to death, as were the family’s five hens – Capa, Mocha, Coffee, Nesi and Choco.

An understandably upset owner Ms Horton said her eldest child was first to notice the attack and alerted her husband.

Both of the dogs had a collar apparently,” Ms Horton said.

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