Woman jailed after authorities say she beat puppy

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This photo released by the Madera County Sheriff shows Janice Aguilar on Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2012. Aguilar is behind bars after authorities said she beat a puppy so badly that even veteran law enforcement officials were shocked, a sheriff’s spokesman said Wednesday. Photo: Madera County Sheriff / AP

An Oakhurst woman was arrested Wednesday, Aug. 29 after the Madera County Sheriff’s Office received a desperate phone call from a citizen who witnessed her violently slamming her puppy’s head into the ground.

According to reports, 39-year-old Janice Aguilar was seen slamming her puppy’s head repeatedly into the ground. She was then seen stuffing it into her backpack and catching a ride.

The suspect was dropped off near the Oakhurst Community Park and witnesses at the park said they saw the animal and said it was still alive but visibly dying.

According to the sheriff’s report, one of the witnesses in the park reportedly killed the puppy to put it out of its misery.

Deputies found the Aguilar near a Mini-Mart off Highway 41 in Oakhurst, where she was taken into custody. Aguilar claims her dog was attacked by a Pit Bull.

Aguilar was booked into the Madera County Department of Corrections on suspicion of animal cruelty and death. The investigation is ongoing.

News Link:http://www.sierrastar.com/2012/08/29/59173/oakhurst-woman-accused-of-beating.html


Police search for a woman facing 25 counts of animal cruelty

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WHITE COUNTY, AR – Investigators have charged a White County woman with 25 counts of animal cruelty but found something unexpected when they arrived at her home Wednesday.

Empty bags of dog food. Trash everywhere, covered with animal waste.  White County detectives this afternoon converging on a house 126 Crystal Creek Road west of SearcyThey found dog chains, cages, a few chickens, but no dogs.

“We’re very active about pursuing people who are treating animals in a cruel way and right now we’re wanting to make sure these dogs are being taken care of in a way they’re supposed to be taken care of,” Cpl Steve Hernandez says.

Investigators believe there were several dogs in the pens yesterday because a detective saw them.  Where they’re at now, that’s the big question.

“Through an investigation, if we’re going to come out and actually get the animals ourselves, we’ve never showed up and within 24 hours, 25 dogs are gone,” Hernandez says.

Now investigators want to find Lisa Burnett. Detectives say the 23-yea old was arrested and convicted of misdemeanor animal cruelty three years ago.

Now she’s under investigation again after detectives picked up an anonymous tip of dogs not getting enough food and suffering in poor health.

“Right now, we don’t know if she is trying to do the right thing and take care of the dogs or she is trying to hide the dogs from us and continue what she was doing,” Hernandez says.

The goal now, find her and the dogs alive.

Detectives say Burnett could face an additional charge of hindering an investigation if its learned she is intentionally concealing the location of the dogs.

News Link:-http://m.fox16.com/display/574/story/22d5bd91ec2064d8a8ed907af5c8f511

SEARCY, Ark. (KTHV) — White County officials say a Searcy woman faces 25 counts of animal cruelty for allegedly running a puppy mill.

Deputies say a tip led them to believe Lisa Burnett, 23, was running a puppy mill out of her home on Crystal Creek Road.

According to the report, authorities found several small dogs, many with mange. Deputies decided to confiscate all of the dogs Tuesday in order to get them proper treatment.

When deputies and a Bald Knob Animal Control Officer arrived 24 hours later Burnett, all the dogs and their cages were missing. “(Bald knob Animal Control Officer…lol…I didn’t write that)”

The sheriff’s department believes Burnett may not be giving the dogs the care that they need and possibly continuing the cruelty to the dogs.

Animal cruelty is a felony. Burnett has been charged with this same crime in 2008 and was convicted in 2009.

News Link:http://www.todaysthv.com/news/article/224355/2/Searcy-woman-faces-25-counts-of-animal-cruelty

Lakeview teacher charged with punching his dog to death

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A Lakeview man who teaches grade school punched his dog to death because it refused to get into a bathtub after it “ate every piece of paper” in the house and soiled itself, police said.

Derek Fierro holds “Doc” at Chicago Canine Rescue Foundation in October 2011 when he adopted the dog. Fierro is charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, a felony, police said, for allegedly punching the dog to death.

Derek Fierro, 25, was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, a felony, police said. He is a teacher at Eugene Field Elementary School in the 7000 block of North Ashland Avenue, according to police and Chicago Public Schools records.

Fierro, who lives in the 500 block of West Roscoe Street, called 911 about 3 a.m. and asked police to meet him at Roscoe and North Broadway, Chicago Police News Affairs Officer Laura Kubiak said.

When officers arrived, he told them the dog was in trunk of his car and gave police the keys, Kubiak said. Officers checked it and found the male yellow dog. Fierro was crying when police arrived and said he was sorry about killing his dog, Kubiak said.

Fierro adopted the dog from the Chicago Canine Rescue Foundation last October, according to Lisa Klotnia, the foundation’s founder. The dog — a yellow lab chow mix — was several months old when adopted and had been named Doc because he was part of a litter of seven puppies. The dog was renamed “Queso” according to the foundation’s records.

“We reviewed his application, he came to meet Doc and we even did a home visit with him,” Klotnia said.  “He seemed like a nice and normal guy.

“We try to be part of the dog’s life,” she said through tears. “If we’re ever needed, we let people know were here. That’s why it’s so devastating. We would have gladly taken this dog back if he was having any problems.”

She described Doc as a “real mutt,” part Labrador retriever, chow and maybe Alaskan huskie, Klotnia said. “Our hope is to give them a new home and we failed. He was a wonderful little pup.”

She said the foundation is reaching out to police to retrieve the dog’s remains and have them cremated.

CPS Inspector General James Sullivan said his office will investigate the incident, which could lead to disciplinary action against the teacher. Sullivan said his office always investigates cases where a district employee is arrested and charged with a “serious crime.”

News Link:http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-police-man-beat-dog-to-death-for-refusing-bath-20120810,0,6287266.story

Petition:- Chicago Public School System: Permanently terminate the employment of Derek Fierro:-http://www.change.org/petitions/chicago-public-school-system-permanently-terminate-the-employment-of-derek-fierro-2

Ironton couple find cat tortured to death

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Ben showed up at Viviane Vallance’s South Ninth Street Ironton home on her 30th birthday, walking up the front walk as if he owned the place.

And in a little while that scrawny white kitten with the sapphire eyes did just that.

“There was something about him,” Vallance recalled. “You would see those blue eyes. I tried not to like him, but he warmed my heart.”

So the Vallance household gained a new member, who quickly blossomed from puny to 16 pounds.

“He was sweet,” Vallance said. “We would let him outside a lot for the day and by 4 or 5 in the afternoon, he would be in our yard and hang out in the house.”

That was the routine for Ben for the next four years of his life, until three weeks ago on a Sunday when Ironton Police came to the Vallances’ door.

“I was at the gym and my husband was home,” Vallance said. “The police showed up on our doorstep and asked if we had a cat.”

The police then took Jeff Vallance to the back of his property to show him what a passerby had seen and reported.

“Apparently someone had tortured the cat and nailed him to the top of the fence and hung him there,” Viviane said.

He was hanged with a leash apparently stolen from another animal.

“My husband called to tell me,” she said.

Viviane rushed home but couldn’t bear to see what had happened to Ben.

“I didn’t go back there,” she said. “I wouldn’t do it. I still don’t go back there.”

The couple gave the cat a resting place in their back yard, planting some lantana over the grave.

“What scares me the most is obviously the person knew we were taking care of the cat,” she said. “We don’t have a clue who did it. The only thing is that somebody knows our habits.

The Vallances can’t think of any suspects from their neighbors.

“We live in great neighborhood,” Viviane said. “Everybody is nice.”

Right now the Vallances aren’t sure if they will get another pet but have advice for other pet owners so they won’t meet with the same heartbreak.

“They should be more vigilant,” Viviane said. “They can’t be too trusting.”

News Link:-http://www.irontontribune.com/2012/08/29/ironton-couple-find-cat-tortured-to-death/



Former Butterball worker pleads guilty to animal cruelty

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Injured Turkey from Butterball farm
Credits: Photo: Mercy for Animals

According to WTVD, a former Butterballemployee pleaded guilty to class H felony animal cruelty charges Tuesday, August 28.

Brian Douglas of Raeford was arrested last February after a Mercy for Animals undercover video captured several Butterball employees kicking, throwing and dragging turkeys at the Shannon-based farm.

His guilty plea carries a sentence of 30 days in jail, six months intensive probation, and 36 months supervised probation. Douglas was also ordered to pay $550 in fines and was required to provide a DNA sample to the state. According to the Rock Hill Herald, Douglas will also be subject to warrantless searches.

There were at least four other Butterball employees arrested in conjunction with the Mercy for Animals undercover investigation. Their cases are still pending.

Dr. Sarah MasonNCDA&CS Director of Animal Health Programs for the poultry division, was arrested for obstruction of justice, as well as resisting, delaying, or obstructing officers after she tipped off a Butterball veterinarian about the impending raid and then lied to police about her involvement.

She pled guilty and was sentenced to 45 days in jail, which is suspended provided she completes the 12 months of probation without another incident. Mason was suspended for two weeks without pay from the NCDA&CS. Brian Long, spokesperson for the NCDA&CS told WRAL, “…she made a poor choice.”

News Link:http://www.examiner.com/article/former-butterball-worker-pleads-guilty-to-animal-cruelty


Judge Won’t Reduce Bonds For Animal Abuse Couple

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The St. John’s Road couple facing 23 counts of second-degree animal cruelty will remain in Franklin County Regional Jail on $46,000 bonds.

William Coy, 48, and his wife Sandra, 55, were arraigned Aug. 17 after 23 animals were seized from their property. They pleaded not guilty last week in Franklin District Court.

In court Tuesday, public defender Kristin Gonzalez argued to have their bonds lowered, given that the charges are considered a misdemeanor under Kentucky law. The maximum penalty the Coys face is one year in jail and/or a $500 fine.

Franklin District Judge Chris Olds said he thinks the bond is appropriate because he believes the Coys are a danger to society and a possible flight risk, given their previous statements.

During the arraignment, Sandra Coy said she would leave Franklin County and the state of Kentucky as soon as the case is over.

Olds ruled to keep the bonds at $46,000.

Officials initially seized 23 animals on Aug. 17 from the Coys’ property on St. Johns Road. The following Tuesday they rescued nine dogs and one horse.

Dozens of other animals, including llamas, pigs, goats and pit bulls remained on the property last week, but have since been removed.

The Franklin County Humane Society has taken the dogs that were seized, but the other animals are at undisclosed locations.

Olds agreed to Franklin County Attorney Rick Sparks’ request that the animals can be fostered to save the Humane Society money. Keeping the animals is costing the Humane Society more than $200 per day.

The Coys are due back in court Sept. 25 for a status hearing. The jury trial date will be set after that.

News Link:http://www.state-journal.com/latest%20headlines/2012/08/29/judge-won-t-reduce-bonds-for-alleged-animal-abuse-couple

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Manitoba investigating after 1,300 piglets euthanized

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A farmers group warns cases like one where close to 1,300 piglets had to be euthanized in Manitoba could become more common due to what it calls a crisis in the hog industry.

The Manitoba government said in a news release on Tuesday that the piglets were found in western Manitoba after a call was received Friday about inappropriate treatment.

It said its chief veterinarian’s office investigated and found the piglets “in severe distress” and that they were put down immediately “to avoid further pain and suffering.”

Doug Chorney, president of Keystone Agricultural Producers, said he fears similar stories could emerge in the coming weeks because troubles in the pork industry mean weanlings are now essentially worthless.

Chorney said farmers face a crisis of low prices for pork, combined with high prices for feed that are being driven by severe drought in the U.S.

“I phoned my neighbour who’s been a lifetime hog producer and is a very astute business person,” said Chorney, who noted the neighbour’s farm has raised hogs for 75 years.

“He said, ‘We’re depopulating our barn and by November there will be no hogs left.”‘

Producers feeling pressured

The Manitoba government says it immediately launched an investigation when it found the piglets. The province isn’t naming the farm or the community it was in, adding no other information will be released due to its investigation.

Gary Stordy, a spokesman for the Canadian Pork Council, said that while he doesn’t know anything about the specifics of the Manitoba case, the conditions in the hog industry now are ripe for it.

Stordy explained that because the cost of feed has spiked so quickly, hog producers have been forced to sell animals because their credit is being pushed beyond their limits. That, in turn, drives down the prices for pork, and producers end up pressured from both directions.

Higher prices for ethanol, which is made from corn, are also a factor in high feed prices, according to the pork council.

It says a task group made up of producers and the federal government has been established to review the situation and identify measures to assist the hog sector.

Unlike in the U.S., an above-average harvest is forecast in Canada, and Chorney said hog producers are feeling like they’re being forgotten in all the talk of a bumper crop.

“The last thing farmers want to see is their livestock suffer, but it takes a real toll on the farmers to try to deal with this and sometimes people do things that they would never normally see themselves do,” Chorney said.

“I can’t emphasize enough the dire situation these farmers are in,” he continued. “The whole industry could be lost and it’s a big driver of our province.”

Stordy, meanwhile, said the pork council is encouraging farmers to seek help if they’re no longer able to support their herds.

“They should reach out to their local SPCA or their local provincial hog board to review what can be done,” Stordy said.

“Animal cruelty is an unfortunate situation and it’s not acceptable. We have to minimize it.”

News Link:-http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/story/2012/08/28/mb-hogs-euthanized-cruelty-animal-vet.html

Shockwaves in Manitoba’s hog industry over investigation

People in Manitoba’s hog industry are shocked a farm in the western part of the province is under investigation for animal cruelty.

Dickson says there is never an excuse to treat animals inhumanely.

Keystone Agricultural Producers head Doug Chorney told CBC News many pork producers are selling off their hogs to reduce their overhead

Read the rest of thisNews Link:http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/story/2012/08/29/mb-hogs-euthanize-cruelty-farm-investigate.html


Horse set ablaze sparks animal cruelty investigation

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PENNSYLVANIA — Pennsylvania state police are investigating a disturbing case of animal cruelty after a family‘s horse is intentionally set on fire.

“We went to get him, this is how we found him, all burned,” says Jessie Woodworth.

Woodworth was frantic when she discovered her horse, named Northstar, had been intentionally set on fire.

State police say someone poured an accelerant on the horse and lighted it, causing severe burns and singeing most of his body.

An act that’s unfathomable to the family.

“He’s 6-years-old, going on 7-years-old, he’s my baby. Just a pleasure horse, we’re not show horses or anything like that, he’s just a companion. He means the world to me,” says Woodworth.

“It makes me sick to my stomach. I was sick. My kids came down and started crying, they couldn’t believe that somebody would hurt their grandma’s horse like this,” says Woodworth’s daughter, Loretta Carr.

“It has to be a sick person for sure, a real sick person. Who would take something out on a defenseless animal?” asks Woodworth.

While she ponders those questions, the family is hoping Northstar can make a full recovery.

“It’s going to be week by week. Hopefully, no infection sets in and as along as no infection sets in he should be okay. All of his hair might not ever grow back but that wont matter,” Woodworth says.

“I hope he survives it. He’s still beautiful, but I hope he looks the way he looked again. He’s a sweetheart of a horse,” Carr adds.

(Information courtesy NBC News)

News Link:-http://www.cnycentral.com/news/story.aspx?id=794228#.UD7YUcGPWSo


Problem leopard dodges traps, kills woman

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The problem leopard in UmredKuhi area of Nagpur district killed a woman in a farm near Tarna village Tuesday, triggering tension and public anger.

The animal had earlier injured three people. Efforts by the forest department to capture it since the first attack on August 10 have not succeeded.

“The leopard pounced on Babybai Uike, aged about 50 years, when she was sowing chillies with five or six other women around 5.30 pm. The woman’s shrieks attracted the group which raised an alarm, following which the animal ran away. But Babybai succumbed on the spot,Divisional Forest Officer P K Mahajan told The Indian Express.

Villagers angry with the forest department’s failure to capture the leopard refused to collect Babybai’s body for two hours after the incident. “This will probably mean the villagers will take it upon themselves to find, catch & probably burn the leopard; as they have done on previous occasions!”

“We have put up two cages since August 15, but it is refusing to fall into the trap,” Mahajan said.

“Despite so much pressure, the animal is hardly deterred.”

Nobody seems to know why the leopard began attacking humans. Unlike most cases of man-animal conflict, the attacks have happened in villages and farms, not forests. “Which are still within the leopard’s dining area!!”

“This is clearly a crisis. From my experience in western Maharashtra, I can say that leopards that have been trapped once succeed in avoiding cages. Also, those caught outside protected areas but released inside generally tend to get into conflict with humans,” wildlife biologist and leopard scholar Vidya Athreya said.

A leopard was caged on June 10 after it entered a house in Ranbodi village nearby, and was released in the wild the next day.

Mahajan said the problem leopard could be the same one. “We are checking available photographs. It could be the same animal.”

Asked why shoot orders were not being issued, Mahajan said, “I will now send a report to Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) S W H Naqvi, who will take a call.”

Asked for a comment, Naqvi said, “We have to exhaust all options before shoot orders are issued. I will decide after getting a report from the DFO.” “Of course they can’t just go round shooting all the leopards that villagers see close up, they are a protected species…not that the villagers care. I have seen some horrific videos of what villagers will do to any that they can catch, beating them to death or burning them alive! Perhaps public housing is more likely to be edging further into the leopards domain…not the other way around…that or the locals are killing meat usually hunted by the leopard; for their own family’s to feed on…hence no food for the leopards!”

News Link:-http://www.indianexpress.com/news/problem-leopard-dodges-traps-kills-woman/994727/0

“Having just found this video, I thought I would include as it show’s the villagers mentality on finding a leopard. Villagers go into mob mode, their like screaming banshees, possessed, the appear by the hundreds (don’t know how or who calls them) & will kill either leopard or officials if there are only a few. You can see the hatred they have for the leopard, throwing rocks at it’s head, when the poor bloody thing only want’s to get back to forest!”

“Thank God the superintendence of police got more back up or else this could have ended with 2 deaths. I think they should look into training more people who are able to dart & know the leopards behaviour!!”

Published on 5 Aug 2012 by 

Its War Between Leopard & Human.. Leopard came for water & food near farm, because of Sunrise She try to hide at Bamboo shade sided to close house. but news spread out. Villagers dare that catch the leopard or they will kill. after the 1st fail attempt from villagersthey almost succeed to kill leopard, but help of police forest official & we success to save this leopard. only 1 person who has experience to Trap or dart leopard,other 1 is me who know the behavior of leopard , both injured in action. Daring of Mr.Sunil Wadekar who takes the decision of Open Dart…& got success… i feel the happiness that man after the fever he run at least for 4km ..& save to Leopard. Thanks to Superintendent of Police Nashik Mr.Pravin Padval who send extra police force & respond to my Request.

Cougar that attacked B.C. woman in her home is found & Killed

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A starving cougar that walked into the home of a woman and attacked her while she sat in her living room is now dead.

“Sorry, I changed the title because I thought it read like the women had died! One has to wonder about the human animal conflict, is it getting out of hand…are humans building too close to where these predators live? Or are they blaming it on the coyotes as a red herring…Although I love nature, I certainly wouldn’t want to live that close. I think we don’t give wild animals the respect they deserve, after all some do live in what could be called…their local restaurant!”

TRAIL — A starving cougar that walked into the home of a woman and attacked her while she sat in her living room is now dead.

The woman was in her house with a number of puppies when the cougar walked in through an open door and attacked her on the sofa,” Trail RCMP Sgt. Rob Hawton said of the weekend incident.

With the help of her dog, the woman fought the cougar off and chased it out of the house. She received a couple of minor injuries to her upper leg from the cougar’s claws.

The cougar was gone by the time police arrived. But the animal was tracked down and destroyed Monday.

Hawton said the cougar was gone before officers arrived and a subsequent search was not successful. B.C. Conservation officers were called in and the cougar was tracked down and destroyed Monday.

“This is an extremely rare occurrence and was driven by the animal’s desperation for food,” Hawton said.

The cougar is believed to have been too weak from starvation to hunt normally.

Earlier this month, the president of the Trail Wildlife Association, Terry Hanik, raised the alarm of a rise in predators in the region.

Hanik said cougars and wolves were pushing into the area, adding their numbers to the huge number of coyotes already plaguing the back country and eroding the deer population, forcing predators to look into more settled areas where deer have been thriving for years.

News Link: http://www.vancouversun.com/life/Cougar+that+attacked+woman+home+dead/7157209/story.html#ixzz24yMxptSZ

“Though this won’t help the lady that was attacked, hopefully it can give some help as to what to do if one see’s one.”

Published on 24 Jul 2012 by 

If a cougar sighting occurs in your community–or if you are a member of the media and need expert information and sound bites for your newscast from an expert on cougars– this press kit by Predator Defense is for you. It includes sound bites, b-roll and photographs of cougars. Feel free to download and use these media elements to alert your local media and/or round out your news story. All we ask is that you credit Predator Defense for the clips that you use.

For more information on cougars, please visit:


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